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Would the real Frugalista please stand up? or…Frugalista explained, Part 2

SO, maybe I should have done more research before naming my blog. I did a Google search of the word ‘frugalista’, and ‘frugalista blog’. Well, news flash! There’s dozens of them!! I am not kidding myself thinking I was THAT original. But, REALLY  people?  Frugalista blog search yields 292 results. The word “frugalista” on it’s own, yields 537,000 results!! I didn’t realize it was already a ‘coined’ term. Apparently, it has been around since 2008. There’s a woman trying to trademark it. It’s a buzz word of our Recession. (Is recession supposed to be capitalized?)

This is one of the search entries on Google:

The website Investopedia, writes the following: (probably another Recession era coined term)



What Does It Mean?
What Does Frugalista Mean?
People who keep up with fashion trends without spending a lot of money. Frugalistas stay fashionable by shopping through alternative outlets, such as online auctions, secondhand stores and classified ads. They also reduce the amount of money spent in other areas of their lives, such as by growing their own food and reducing entertainment expenses. This is a popular term during recessions. (Aha, see?? I TOLD you)
Investopedia Says
Investopedia explains Frugalista
Frugalistas also try to maintain expensive-looking cosmetic appearances. For example, they may still get an expensive haircut, but they might cut back on their TV subscription to afford the recurring expense. (Okay, yes, but no, not really.)
Obviously, I think I should rename my blog.
Okay, the part about growing my own food and reducing entertainment expenses made me laugh out loud. Seriously? Because I want a Burberry scarf means I’m going to grow my own corn? I don’t think so. AND, I don’t think James is going to think it’s okay because I like to get my hair cut and colored I will reduce our cable and he will no longer have is NFL channel or his Soccer channel. What are they thinking??
I literally was driving in my minivan, (it’s okay, I admit it) thinking of blog names. Frugalista just popped in my head. I don’t think I deserve the title for Fashionista (I drive Emma to the bus stop in my pajamas, I would be kicked out of the fashionista club for sure) and I’m cheap, well, not cheap, James is cheap- I’m frugal, thank you very much.
Also, if you thought this was going to be a blog about cutting coupons and what classified ads to buy clothes from (for the record, I have NEVER checked the classifieds to shop for clothes, as the above definition mentions, maybe they are talking about Craigslist), then you are mistaken.
This is just my random ramblings of crazy crap in my brain. It’s sh#@ my kids say, arguments with my husband, comments on movies and other pop culture, and yes, I will talk a lot about clothes and makeup. Because honestly, that’s what fills my brain space the most.
Now, I am not going to be growing corn, but maybe I could consider some Pashmina goats or some silk worms… I should check with my homeowner’s association about that….

Movie Review- Dolphin Tale

Yesterday, Owen and I and some friends went to see the movie Dolphin Tale. It is based on a true story of this dolphin named Winter that was rescued off the coast of Florida. Winter was caught in a crab trap and damaged her tail so they had to amputate it.

**Spoiler alert** If you want to be surprised of the outcome of this movie then don’t keep reading. However, can you have a spoiler alert for a true story? In 20 years when they make a movie about the rescue of the Chilean miners are they going to say, ‘spoiler alert’ during their reviews?  It’s on the web people. It’s in the news. Anyway…

There’s this little girl in the movie called Hazel. Really cute 11 year old. Blond with freckles, slight build. There’s this other character towards the end of the movie, I don’t know her name, she’s this little black girl that comes to visit the dolphin with her mom. She is about 5 years old, in a wheel chair and missing a leg.

In the car ride home from the movie, I ask Owen, ‘didn’t the little girl in the movie remind you of Emma?’.

Owen, “which girl?”

Me, “Uhm, the blond girl with freckles”

Owen, “oh, I thought you meant the black girl”

Me, “no, Hazel”

Owen, “Then why didn’t you say Hazel so I would know who you’re talking about”

Me, “Because I thought it would be pretty clear to you that I’m not talking about a black girl, who is 5, in a wheel chair, missing a leg!”

Why do I feel like talking to him is like talking to Brittney on Glee?

It is a touching movie, that makes you cry, blah, blah, blah.

I seriously would have doubted the integrity of this film had I not known it was a true story. Dolphin gets a fake tail, made by a doctor at a veterans’ hospital where there’s amputees and town saves marine center after devastating hurricane, multi billionaire investor is happy to pay for marine center and puts his huge hotel project on hold to do so, etc.

The “Save Winter” carnival at the marine center had to cost at least $10,000! Someone like me who has helped with at least

Hazel from Dolphin Tale, cute blond, like Emma

5 PTA carnivals knows that those things don’t happen for free. So where they got the money in the first place is puzzling.

But aside from all that, when we left the theater, Owen said, “Mom, that was the sweetest movie I have ever seen. And dolphins are my favorite now”. He’s 8, he’ll change his mind. But it melted my heart.

Emma, also blond with freckles. Not black, in a wheel chair, missing a leg.