R Gal checks out J Lo

You guys are hardcore about having a post each day. And when I say, ‘you guys’,  I mean my mom. First she blames me that I don’t call anymore because I’m too busy blogging. Then she complains that I haven’t posted my blog for the day. Gee, I sure hope this was worth the wait. But it’s Friday, so don’t look for deep and meaningful. Okay, any day of the week I could type that last sentence.

I took a research trip to Kohl’s to check out the Jennifer Lopez line. There’s everything from bedding to earrings to shoes. I focused on the apparel. There are several pieces that are really cute. And if you’re Jenny from the block, or Jenny from downtown, I suppose they should appeal to either ego, alter or otherwise. James says my blog is for mostly women. This is true. So for the interest of my male readers, I do not have a review of the Marc Anthony line offered at Kohl’s for men. Probably, because no guy I know would go out and buy Marc Anthony clothes. I promise a blog about fantasy football, beer and Kate Beckinsale eventually. Just not yet.

So on to J Lo. I will say the jeans fit true to size and the dresses are flattering. Mostly wrap styles and sort of naughty librarian types.  My favorite piece was this sweater called a cocoon. The name is appropriate since I just wanted to crawl into it and stay there while sipping a cuppa snuggled on the couch watching Little House. The jewelry was a little chintzy, translation- lightweight and trendy,  and the handbags were surprisingly quite nice with sturdy hardware and no crazy bling. Except for one that was a cat with a handle. Oh wait, I mean, it was furry. Really furry. And the size of Pluto.  My cat, not the excommunicated planet. I’m not sure why you would want a furry handbag. It was faux fur, but still, very furry. Like a mini Snuffaluffagus on your arm. It comes in black and mixed gray, thankfully not dark brown like the Sesame Street character.

The prices range around $18 to $90 (for the jewelry to clothes) and currently Kohls is  offering it at %25 off. I didn’t actually buy anything, but I might go back for the cocoon. Did I mention it was cozy?

I did go next door to Nordstrom Rack and buy a neat little jersey knit dress, and some sexy sling back pumps for the whopping price of $20. Yes, $20 for both. The shoes were originally $119 marked down to $9.97 (crazy, I know) and the dress was originally $98 marked down to $49.97. I have a Nordstrom MOD card. If you don’t have one and shop there, you should get it. It’s basically a debit card to only use at Nordstrom and The Rack. You get points and then they send you these Notes when you reach a certain number of points. Each Note is $20 to spend in the store. There’s triple point events, Anniversary sale events, and double points every time you shop at the Rack. So it’s not exactly each dollar equals one point. But you get the idea. The points can add up fast. Especially if you buy your cosmetics, SPANX, and kids’ shoes there. So I had two Notes to redeem. Voila! $20 and some change is all I paid.

I know. I’m that good.

Well, I’m off to Kohl’s to get that sweater, but not the Snuffaluffagus purse.

I want this sweater!!

The Pluto Purse, er, I mean, faux fur shoulder bag

2 thoughts on “R Gal checks out J Lo

  1. Oh you make me laugh. So how did you get these fab pictures onto your blog? Taken with phone at store and uploaded? And your right about the Marc Anthony for men… Kevin wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something from that line.

  2. Well, I am glad you called me “you guys”, and may be I did get you to blog faster than you would have. Looks like we are getting a Kohl’s in the old Borders space, will check it out some time.

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