Archive | October 7, 2011

Am I in Suburgatory?

Well, let’s see I wear Pajama Jeans and drive a minivan, so maybe that answers that.

Have you seen that new show on ABC called Suburgatory? It’s right between The Middle and Modern Family so I HAD to watch. (By the way, if you aren’t watching either of THOSE shows, then I don’t know what is wrong with you you should really check them out.)  It looked like a very witty comedy about a teenage girl and her dad that move to the suburbs after living in Manhattan. The girl is adorable played by Jane Levy, who I think has a promising career. Her skin is like peaches and cream. Oh I would die for that complexion… oh where was I? Okay, the dad is played by Jeremy Sisto, a ruggedly handsome man who seems to be a really cool, laid back guy for a single dad of a teenage girl.

Last week, I was a little pissed after watching the first episode. It took the stereotypes of the suburbs and EXAGGERATED them immensely. Apparently, all moms in the suburbs are ditzy, clueless, have boob jobs, wear velour sweat suits, and drive pimped out SUVs.  They spend all their time at the malls and suck down blended coffee drinks. Gosh, this is sounding frighteningly familiar. I suppose I resented the representation of us suburban mom’s as selfish, narcissistic women who shop all day, are clueless about how to raise their children, and seemed to objectify themselves and their daughters to any warm-blooded male acted like sluts.  I also didn’t like the connotation that ‘lesbian’ was used as a bad word to describe a girl who wears comfortable shoes. But after watching it again this week, they toned down their representation of us yoga-pant wearing moms and seemed to focus on the teen angst of the daughter whilst still including clever banter between her and her father and her peers. I’ll continue to watch and see where they go with this. Also, it stars alums from Saturday Night Live, Weeds and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It has great potential. I suppose I can laugh at the stereotypes, I mean, my life IS a cliche of sorts.


A question I read in a mom’s article, “At what age should you let your daughter wear thong underwear?”  Seriously people?? Why does this irk me? Thong underwear is meant to be a little bit of fabric between you and your pants that doesn’t make VPL (visible panty lines). Is your daughter ultra self-conscious about her panty lines, does she want to look cool in front of her friends when she changes in the locker room, or does she want to be like mommy? Why is this even a question? If your daughter wants to wear a thong–let her. She will realize that it is an over-sized piece of dental floss parked between her butt cheeks. Some women find them comfortable. I do not. It’s like asking when should I let my daughter shave her legs. When she is comfortable with slicing her flesh inadvertently and letting the soapy water make it sting like a mother f–er, that’s when. Hey, if she wants to, go for it. I bet soon after she does, it will get old and tiresome. Like feeding the new kitten. You want to at first, then you just feel like it’s something you HAVE to do. Same with wearing a thong. If she wants to, fine. And then she’ll realize that it really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. (sorry, no pun intended.)


I saw a Luvs diaper commercial that really disturbed me. It was a cartoon format where the babies are having a contest doing whatever in their diapers that blows them up but in pageant style. The slogan was, ‘what happens in a diaper, should stay in a diaper’. This while the background song, “Woop, there it is”, plays, but instead it’s called “poop, there it is”. Also, the babies are all dressed like rappers and hip hop stars. Maybe what bugs me about this commercial is that I didn’t think of it myself. It’s really genius. On the same hand, it’s moronic. But do we need rocket science to sell diapers? No. Not really. I guarantee that parents are going to remember it. I suppose that’s the point of advertising. Maybe they’ll make a thong diaper next.

Here’s the URL link to the Youtube page where I found it.