Get a pair? (caution, this post contains a lot of I’m not sure what, and you will either love it or hate it)

So a bit ago my friend Molly (the same Molly battling her brain tumor)  posted a status on Facebook about why mens’ balls are really overrated. People are always comparing having courage to having a set of balls. Or, saying phrases like ‘gee, you’ve got balls to say that’. ‘That took balls to do.’


My question is, what have balls ever done?

I hope you don’t think I have an obsession with balls. After my Schweddy Balls post for Ben & Jerry’s I realize this is getting ridiculous. However, my purpose here is to give credit to the brave women I know. And Molly in particular. So…

You know what really does the work? Vaginas. Yes, I said it.

They push life into this world, endure all kinds of intrusions and are really the work horses (so to speak) of mother nature.

So the next time someone does something really brave, courageous or you know, ballsy… say, ‘wow, you’ve got vagina to do that’.

Men, I mean no disrespect. Everyone, I’m sure you think I’m crazy.

And Molly, you’ve got vagina for sure.

Even Betty White agrees:

It's like I can't love her even more!

7 thoughts on “Get a pair? (caution, this post contains a lot of I’m not sure what, and you will either love it or hate it)

  1. Come to think of it, now you have touched on the subject, you are so right. What do balls do? There is football, baseball, basketball, tennis ball, cricket ball. Balls get thrown, kicked, batted, hit, balls have a hard life, they are long suffering and seemingly abused. But isn’t it all just for fun? What does courage have to do with it?

  2. it’s called hormones, ladies.

    I think you need to say (forgive me, Molly. I’ve not yet met you (have I?)) — Molly, you’ve got some huge ovaries, girl.

    Speaking of which, why are squirrel “attachments” so large?

    • Must say, I’ve never checked out a squirrel close enough to notice. Now how am I going to explain my future preoccupation with quirrels to the husband and kids?

    • We have so many squirrels in our back yard, I have never noticed any “attachments”…..and I am not going to start looking now. What we have noticed though, some have tails that look like they stole them from raccoons and “attached” them.

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