Archive | October 24, 2011

Let’s get something straight- the original “Footloose” was way cheeseball even back then.

I just saw the new Footloose this weekend. And I loved it. I remember seeing the trailer for it months ago and shaking my head in disgust. “How could they do a remake?” “What on earth can Julianne Hough have to offer besides great hairography?” “Don’t they know that this is Kevin Bacon gold they are messing with?”  All those thoughts ran through my head. And then I watched some of the original. It is way CHEESEBALL people. Seriously. Lori Singer can’t act out of a paper bag. Kevin Bacon is super cute, talented, but those white wash jeans are too tight. And he smokes. The new one, no one smokes. Beer drinking, yes. Smoking, no.

I remember 1984 and seeing the original in the theater with my big brother, Christopher. Christopher is 11 years older than me. Pretty useful to have to get in to all the cool movies. I saw Rocky, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Summer School and Footloose all in the theater. Talk about 80’s cinema heaven! And 70’s too!!

The movie made me want to go to high school and everyone would break out in perfect choreography to the theme song. I wanted to wear cowboy boots and dance in a barn with confetti falling everywhere. It was a musical for our generation. Kenny Loggins had the cornerstone of 80s soundtracks. I mean, Footloose AND Top Gun. He hit the iconic jackpot with those.

Here’s what I like about the new one. It keeps the integrity of the old one, has great music and choreography, and I really LIKE the actors in it. The new boy- Kenny Wormald is adorable and talented. Maybe this movie will launch his career like the original did for Mr. Bacon. Julianne Hough is disgustingly hot. I hate her tiny waist and skinny thighs. But she actually does a decent job acting. She’s convincing enough for the teen angst movie this picture offers. I would rather watch her than Kristen Stewart any day. And the new kid who plays Willard- Miles Teller, can come home with me. He’s like a puppy you want to scratch behind the ears. Totally gives Christopher Penn the perfect homage to the role.

Super Cute Willard

No Oscar winner here, but fun and entertaining. Like movies should be sometimes. Disagree with me if you wish.

Ladies see it and tell your friends. Guys see it, and don’t admit it, that’s okay.

I’m thinking I’m going line dancing soon- anyone want to join me?