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Unless you’re having chemo every day, stop your bitching–revisited

Let me add to that, unless your hair has fallen out and you’ve endured 2 plus weeks of chemo and radiation- stop your bitching!

Just keepin’ it real. Let’s remember our friends who are fighting the fight every day. And most importantly- take care of yourself. Take your vitamins- eat your vegetables, breathe deeply and smile. Stress is a killer.

When the asshole on the freeway cuts you off, don’t flip him the bird, smile and wave. It might confuse them, but that’s the idea.

Love you!


I am writing this entry today to honor my friend Molly. She is going through her, God knows, 3rd round of battling brain cancer, maybe 4th? I’m sure she is keeping track! This week she starts her chemo and radiation. She has a little boy Sailor and a husband Donny, who worship at the feet of her glorious being.

I’ve known Molly since high school and haven’t seen her in 20 years. But no difference, she is still the same spunky, sassy Molly that drove with me for hours in my little SAAB to all the restaurants in the Federal Way area when we tried to get food donations for our high school Blabathon. What’s a Blabathon? Why it’s a 40 hour, non-stop talking ‘telethon’ of sorts to raise money for the speech and debate team. We had so much fun, we had crazy-ass fun. Molly is the type of friend that whenever you spend time with her, you pretty much are guaranteed to laugh until you pee your pants.

So, it’s Monday, and if you’re in Seattle, it’s raining. But that doesn’t mean you can go around having a pity party. It means, you need to be furiously happy, hug your kids, spouse, pets, whatever, and say, “Hallelujah, I’m alive”!

Unless of course, you’re the one starting the 6 week round of chemo/radiation, then bitch all you want.

Funny, I don’t think Molly is bitching though. She’s probably laughing. Or maybe she’s flipping her brain cancer the bird. That would be even better.

Molly- if I had a 5 foot metal chicken to put on your doorstep to cheer you up- I would do it.

“Hey cancer- ‘knock, knock, mother fucker!!”


Frugalista- Rebecca

P.S. For those of who that are thoroughly confused by what I’m talking about with metal chickens and all-

Check my link to the left, ‘my idol’. That will help.

"Hey Cancer, knock, knock mother fucker"