Honey, just think- it’s not towels OR metal chickens

Holy crap, I just spent Owen’s college tuition on family portraits. We went to this woman who is really good. She had huge murals and canvas prints of very beautiful looking families hanging up in her studio. We haven’t had a family portrait, all four of us, taken by a professional….EVER.

So this was important.

Our kids are 11 and 8 for crying out loud. All I have are school pictures and Santa portraits from the mall.

Going in to the session, James says, ‘now we aren’t spending like hundreds of dollars on this stuff’.  Okay sweetie, sure thing.

Last night I reminded James I was going to the photographer today to pick out the prints. He says AGAIN, ‘now don’t spend a lot of money. She’s going to be really putting the pressure on you to buy all these packages. Stay strong.”

Me- “of course, I’m so ready for her. I’m going to be all, ‘yeah, that’s okay, we’ll just take one.”

I show up at her home/studio. She starts the slide show and leaves the room to make me some tea. She has it set to music.

Oh. My. Goodness. I start to cry. Holy shit. Forget the poker face, I should just hand her my wallet.

First there’s a picture of Emma, then Owen. Then Emma, Owen and James together. It’s so BEAUTIFUL!!

The autumn leaves in the background are this glorious gold and orange. The green grass is so green. The children are angels. Perfect little angels. And James- he’s so handsome. Did you hear that honey? You are gorgeous!

I didn’t look so bad either, and she said she can do some ‘Photoshop plastic surgery’, which I’m all like, yeah, tummy tuck please.

I know that these photos won’t feed us, we can’t drive them to work, they won’t clean our bathrooms, BUT I can’t stop this crazy train of life and these kids keep getting older. So, until they invent a time machine (which would be so much more expensive anyway) I will have these pictures until I’m old and senile. Isn’t that priceless?


I don’t have any pictures to post of course. But when I get them, I will totally pirate them on the scanner and try to post them.

3 thoughts on “Honey, just think- it’s not towels OR metal chickens

  1. Did the same thing when my son was 4 months. It was a FREE sitting in a children’s store. FREE turned into 800.00 dollars worth of prints in a matter of minutes, NO seconds! They’re around here…somewhere…I think.

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