Archive | November 9, 2011

So how was your day today? Did you have radiation? NO? Then shut the hell up!

I have so much flying around in my head right now and I can’t even process it. It’s like bats in my belfry or whatever. But I feel necessary to express what happened today. So I will just purge the words. Let the purging commence…

I drove my friend Molly to her radiation treatment today and brought her dinner for her and her family. Now don’t be all, ‘that’s so great of you Rebecca..blah, blah, blah… Hey it’s what friends do. I didn’t actually COOK the meal (I bought it at Whole Foods), probably better than anything I would make anyway!

Once I drove up the freeway, I realized that I was going to be late. I am NOT going to be the asshole friend that gets her late to treatment! Can you imagine the guilt? I sign up to drive her then get there late and she misses it or something. Oh my God, I would die of shame.

I got her to her appointment with not a minute to spare. Whew. All I can say is there were angels watching over me. I have never driven that fast, cheated in the carpool lane that blatantly, and never once saw a trooper or cop, ever. Maybe I was driving so fast that I was invisible?

I got to sit in with her during the chit chat with the doctor once her radiation was done. They don’t let people in for the radiation part. I’m sure it’s not good to have old high school girlfriends making all kinds of random, giggly comments while you’re supposed to be motionless in this tube thingy while they microwave your head.

After hearing her and her doctor going through the medical journal of meds and drugs that she is on, listing the side effects, then the counter medication and side effects to balance those, I was exhausted. Usually the typical stuff they talk about- fatigue, heartburn, nausea, constipation, sensitive skin- comes up. When all the above are discussed, the doctor asks Molly if she has any complaints. And Molly, the kick ass warrior that she is, says, ‘no, not really, I feel fine this week’. OH MY GOSH!! Really?? She’s fine. She’s fine. Okay, so my back’s been bothering me, I have a couple zits, I’ve got this really pesky hangnail… Oh wait that’s me, SHE doesn’t have any complaints. The cancer patient is all good. Dang I feel lame now. (Last week her brain was swollen from the radiation, it made her a smidge cranky so they put her on steroids and that helped, so I guess this is a better week in that perspective.)

I don’t know why I know so many people with cancer. I remember my mom’s radiation treatment 9 years ago. It was hell. She’s better now. But still on medication to keep the tumors down. Molly will be on this roller coaster too for the rest of her life. She told me her brain tumor is incurable. But I’m guessing it’s getting a little intimidated by now. Probably going to go sulk in a corner. Just not of her brain . Some metaphysical corner of the universe please. Yeah, I’m talking to you mother fucker cancer!!

You knew I had to throw that in.

So for the millions of people who battle this bitch, this sick fucker that thinks it can take over- I sing for you, I dance for you and I live for you. You are an inspiration to the rest of us who get sore over the line at Starbucks, who didn’t think this week’s brie selection at Whole Foods was all that great. Who wanted to get the latest xbox game, but forgot to preorder in time before they all sold out. Whine, whine, whine…Whatevs dude. Get over it!

Not sure if Molly is allowed a drink during her weeks of treatment. But there’s a bottle of wine open on my counter, and I think it shouldn’t go to waste, so I’m going to partake- it’s been a long day. Molly- cheers to you my friend.