Archive | November 12, 2011

Apparently, I’m the meanest mom in the world

So once again my parenting was challenged. By my daughter of course! Who else?

I’m sharing this since I need to blurt out my frustrations without screaming at her. So I get to rant at you readers. Yay for blogs!

Remember when I wrote my post (mom of the year…) about being a parent first and a friend second? Yesterday Emma challenged this for me- again.

It’s Friday and she wants to go out late with her friends. She’s 11- she doesn’t need to be at an ice rink at 9:30 to 11pm with a bunch of friends and no parent along. Yes, I could have gone with her. But I had plans and wasn’t home. And James is so NOT going to drag his butt to an ice rink on Friday night!

There were tears and accusations (by her, not me this time) and I could tell she really, truly wanted me to cave. Duh.

BUT here’s where I’m proud of myself for- I stayed calm, used my words (as grown ups should) and gave her the space to sulk. By an hour later, she didn’t bring it up, her tears were dried, and she was eating fettucini on the couch watching a movie with Owen.

I did remind her how cool I am for letting her join me next week at the midnight Breaking Dawn premiere (on a school night people!). She didn’t say much to that- how could she? I’m the coolest mom ever! Well, okay, but you know what I mean….

So I went on with my evening, with a peace in my heart that Emma was safe and sound at home, in her bed, where she belongs.

I will enjoy this feeling for as long as I can. Translation- until next week when I do this all over again!