Life according to Owen, “it’s so hard to be the man”

Owen was doing his homework. It was worksheets, you know, typical 3rd grade stuff- addition, fill in the sentence, vocabulary…that kind of thing. He was sighing, and exclaiming how exhausted he was. It was before bed and he was just getting to his homework late. It’s not due the next day- it’s due on Friday, we do a little bit each night, so I wasn’t worried. But he seemed to really want to get out of it. He’s rolling around moaning and whining about ‘it’s so hard’. Then he gets me with this:

He says with tears in his eyes, “I’m never going to get a break am I? Even when I grow up, I’m going to have to do all the work. I don’t get a break when I’m a kid with all this school and home work stuff! And I’m not getting a break when I’m big, cuz men work hard! I don’t want to be the man. Dads have to work so hard! Dad works his butt off! He may sit at a computer all day, but he’s working really hard!  And he fixes the TV if it breaks!  Or at least calls the guy that can.  He goes to the rental houses and has to fix stuff there too!  He does all the yard work and IT’S JUST HARD BEING A MAN!”

For the record- James has never fixed the TV.

Poor Owen, he’s having his midlife crisis at 8!

But yes Owen, it is hard work being a man. And thank God your daddy does work hard. And so did my dad, and so did dad’s dad. But that’s what makes them great. You wouldn’t be near the man you could be if you don’t work hard.

So thanks James for being such a good example for our son. He wants everything from you, your time, your approval and apparently, your plan for early retirement. I hope it works!!

No, I’m not going into the speech of how hard I work. How hard it is to be a woman. No. That’s for a different day. I’m just letting this sink in so James can enjoy how fulfilling it is to be the dad with a son that looks up to him.


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