Archive | December 4, 2011

What is WRONG with people?

We went as a family to see Arthur Christmas this past weekend. Mind you, we shelled out the extra bucks for 3D. Not for the experience, just because it was the only showing available that worked for us.

I always honor the no phone/texting/ in the theaters rule. Even my husband, and Emma turn their phones off. We enjoy the movie. Heck, we paid enough for it!

There’s this family in front of us, and their child is on the iPad playing games! During the movie! IT’S a FRICKIN’ KIDS MOVIE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Seriously? Your child is that bored with the 3D experience of a superbly animated children’s movie, they need to play Angry Birds on your iPad?


Then, when it’s clear the movie is over, but not over, over, like with credits and all. Just you can tell things are finishing but the characters are still talking, the family next to us gets us to leave. Huh, you don’t want to see the end? You don’t want to see how Christmas is saved and all is well??

Are we that impatient and desensitized? I’m sorry, I just wish things were enjoyed more, respected, you know- stop and smell the roses kind of thing.

Each of us parents our children as we see fit. Who am I to judge? Maybe your child can’t sit still, maybe YOU’RE bored. But there’s something missing with this generation of parenting and the one we had as kids, the way our parents raised us. Or at least how I was raised.  I didn’t have a choice. I sat still for school, church, movies, theater… There were no handheld electronics, no rule bending. But I will not pontificate on the deficiencies of what is today. Just merely bring it up as food for thought.

That is all. I will shush.