What is WRONG with people?

We went as a family to see Arthur Christmas this past weekend. Mind you, we shelled out the extra bucks for 3D. Not for the experience, just because it was the only showing available that worked for us.

I always honor the no phone/texting/ in the theaters rule. Even my husband, and Emma turn their phones off. We enjoy the movie. Heck, we paid enough for it!

There’s this family in front of us, and their child is on the iPad playing games! During the movie! IT’S a FRICKIN’ KIDS MOVIE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Seriously? Your child is that bored with the 3D experience of a superbly animated children’s movie, they need to play Angry Birds on your iPad?


Then, when it’s clear the movie is over, but not over, over, like with credits and all. Just you can tell things are finishing but the characters are still talking, the family next to us gets us to leave. Huh, you don’t want to see the end? You don’t want to see how Christmas is saved and all is well??

Are we that impatient and desensitized? I’m sorry, I just wish things were enjoyed more, respected, you know- stop and smell the roses kind of thing.

Each of us parents our children as we see fit. Who am I to judge? Maybe your child can’t sit still, maybe YOU’RE bored. But there’s something missing with this generation of parenting and the one we had as kids, the way our parents raised us. Or at least how I was raised.  I didn’t have a choice. I sat still for school, church, movies, theater… There were no handheld electronics, no rule bending. But I will not pontificate on the deficiencies of what is today. Just merely bring it up as food for thought.

That is all. I will shush.

4 thoughts on “What is WRONG with people?

  1. There is A LOT wrong with people, and I think that constant overstimulation is a huge problem that will have major consequences for these kids down the road. Parents need to pay more attention and make better choices for their kids.

    People who are fully engaged in what they are doing are much more likely to be happy than people who are distracted. (http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2010/11/daydreaming-is-a-downer.html) And boredom is good for you! I’m not sure how kids could be bored at a 3D animated movie, but if they are — good! Bored people tend to search out meaningful activities, like donating blood and volunteering. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/may/06/boredom-good-for-you-claims-study) And, of course, boredom is intimately linked to creativity and innovation.

    But, who wants kids that are happy or creative or altruistic? It is much MUCH better, and certainly easier, to surround them with gadgets so that they can tune out the world, never be bored, never have to do anything they don’t want to do, and (God forbid!) never ever have to think.

    • Oh Krista! I love how you have actual statistics and articles to back up what you say. I have just my rants! But yes, so true. I agree. And this coming from one of the most creative, precocious, advanced children I knew growing up! You had adults jumping through hoops for you and your brilliance! Thanks for reading. 😉 I hope your right though. I hope bored people will find meaningful activities. But what’s that old saying, “idle hands are the devils workshop”, or something like that! That’s what I’m afraid of!

      • I think the difference between engaging in meaningful activities and becoming the devil’s workshop has to do with what people see as viable alternatives to boredom. If you put a bored person in a fully stocked meth lab, he will probably get up to no good. On the other hand, if you put that same person in a room with a sketch pad or a piano, you might discover the next great talent. Anyway, it sounds like you are setting your kids up right by letting them watch Glee — I whole-heartedly believe that a thorough knowledge and appreciation of musical theatre is essential to proper character development. 🙂

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