Archive | December 7, 2011

Martha Stewart doesn’t live here anymore

From the time James and I were engaged to when Owen was born (2003), I would make my Christmas cards, homemade candles, chocolate truffles, soaps, ornaments, bake cookies and goodness knows what else, every holiday season. Yep, I was a regular Martha Stewart.

That has come to a screeching halt.

But what gives? My kids are in school, I could do all that stuff still. There’s a room full of craft supplies in the office.

I’m just not feeling it I guess.

Here I’m blogging about how to survive the holidays and one of my tips is making friends with people who bake so you don’t have to. I was the one that baked! I would make these elaborate cookie boxes to give out to friends. Oh where did those days go? Now a friend mentions that we should bake and decorate Christmas cookies with the kids. Uhm, I would rather listen to Kenny G in the aisles of Walmart on Black Friday while being chased by a honey badger, then clean up after the children bake cookies. All that frosting and sprinkle crap everywhere? Lord help me.

Maybe Cyber Monday has taken out the oomph I had to be so crafty. Maybe it’s age. Or laziness.

I have more time now. I think. My kids are in school. I sleep through the night, unlike a few years ago when one of them would still disrupt my slumber. So I can’t blame fatigue. I’m not training for a marathon or Mrs. Universal Fitness contest so I’m not spending my days in the gym and carbo loading. Well, I am carbo loading, but it’s not because I’m going to the gym!

Mind you- my house isn’t any cleaner than it was 10 years ago when I was staying up all hours making cards and cookies. It’s probably more filthy. But I think that’s because of the pet hair, Owen’s bathroom habits (or lack of aim), and the crap that has accumulated over the years that is spilling out of every room and into the hall ways.

To some, the crafting and making stuff is therapeutic, cathartic. To me, it was just stressful. It only added one more thing on my ‘to-do’ list.  I don’t doubt I was good at it. I made a mean-ass truffle and hot buttered rum mix. But I feel like I only have the mental capacity for so much. So now it’s mostly; did I remember to pack my kids’ lunch, does everyone have clean socks and underwear for the week, how many PTA meetings am I supposed to be at this week and when will I get to watch The Real Housewives? Those are my paramount concerns in my life.

I applaud and admire the crafty and creative people in my life. I really appreciate your hard work.

So I thought- you know DIY- Do it Yourself? Well, my new acronym is DIFM- Do it For Me. Please? Thanks.