Am I too old for Cosmo?

A recent article online featured trends that women love but men hate.

I’m going to say, most women I know, don’t care for them either. Unless this article  got their stats from Cosmopolitan or Seventeen magazine, then I’m pretty sure, no one I know is sporting any of these trends soon.

Here’s the article:

Make up Women Love but Men Hate

I will be turning 40 this year.  I’m good with this. There are parts of me I would like to trade with my 20 year old self and then preserve them forever by means of exercise, diet or habits. But that’s not going to happen. If I could talk to my 20 year old self, I would say, work out because the skinny doesn’t last and the flabbier you are, the more it sags with time. I would also say to that 20 year old self, stop trying to get a tan! Ahh youth, wasted on the young, right?

Most of my friends are in their 30s and 40s as well. So last I checked, no one I knows wears neon lipstick, bold eyeshadow or  thick, cakey makeup. Where does Yahoo get their stories from? Who are these women that ‘love’ these looks?

My day pretty much consists of- my home, the bus stop, one of my kids’ schools, a PTA meeting, a trip to Target or the gym, and maybe coffee with a friend. So unless I’m sporting glitter at the PTA meeting, I’m not partaking in the latest make up trend.  I guess I could start wearing glitter to PTA meetings and then everyone will wonder if I’ve started moonlighting as one of those bikini baristas or something to earn some extra money.

This really brings out my eye color.

How's this for a natural 'day' look?


I DO have a subscription to Cosmopolitan. I have to hide it from my kids. It’s embarrassing. And let me just say, the only reason I have it, is because I got a Groupon and the subscription was 12 months for $10. I figured I could benefit from the bedroom advice, and maybe beauty articles. Obviously, I am not the demographic this magazine writes for! I am not 20, I don’t have a boyfriend I’m looking to snag, I do have children, and I don’t need advice on a pushy boss that is out to get me. Most everything in these pages is over the top. Am I that much of a prude or am I just acting my age?

HINT- there's a few articles about sex in there.

4 thoughts on “Am I too old for Cosmo?

  1. I don’t go for glitter, but I always put on make up and spend way too much time on my hair every day simply because I see this as the last vestige of “what I was”… or maybe I’m really trying to be one of *those* housewives.

    That said, I think current make up trends are weird, and the people that wear them are insane in the brain. Seriously – what part bright blue color all over the place on your face says “hot?” I also have no idea who wears them (current trends) besides check out girls at make up stores. That’s not entirely true, though, because this girl that works at the gas station I go to always has this absurd level of eyeshadow on her eyes with glitter and turquoise blue lines all over the place. I kind of wonder what she’s trying to achieve by wearing this stuff like that to the local Valero every day. Unless she goes to her second job at the makeup store afterwards it makes no sense to me. Even worse is to see some woman in her 60s working at Sephora with a pound of purple and gold eyeshadow..

    Don’t get me started on this haha…

  2. Don’t even think twice about it. Read what you want, I’ll bet you not caring about what people think is what your kids will secretly like most about you. Don’t tell my mother. 😉

    • I know. It’s why I watch the Kardashians and don’t give a shit if people think I’m shallow. It’s not like I AM a Kardashian, puleeze! But damn, they have beautiful hair…

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