Getting to know you… well, me really.

Getting to know all about you. Getting to know you like me.

Something like that. I remember seeing the King and I on the stage when I was 6 years old. We went downtown to Chicago and saw Yul Brenner in his best role ever. Bald and bare chested. But I was 6, I wasn’t paying attention to that. I liked Anna’s dress. Oh my goodness, how I wanted a hoop skirt with yards and yards of shiny silk to flow over it! I wanted to dance and waltz and sing. My blog byline is ‘Confessions of a Middle Aged Drama Queen’ for goodness sake!

Thank you to Heather Christena Schmidt over at the B(itch) Blog AND Hyperactive Inefficiency for both awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.Β  You both are awesome and I love reading your works. Please visit their posts and enjoy them too.

This means a lot to me, because a) I like to be liked b) I am a Leo and need attention and c) I feel insecure about my blogging so I like it when other blogs reach a virtual hand out to me and pat me on the back.

So typically these chainletter types of blog awards have me disclose something about myself and then pay it forward by awarding other blogs with these awards. Like Duck, Duck Goose; or Heads Up Seven UP. You pick your friends and then they pick you.

So here’s 7 things you shouldn’t know about me but will now, followed by 15 blogs I’ve discovered to be interesting.

1) I have done the flying trapeze 5 times. I even did a stunt on it. This wasn’t in the circus, but still. I was sweating bullets and almost peed my pants. But I did it.

2) I love crap television. Scoff all you want- Kardashians, Jerseylicious, Real Housewives, Pregnant in Heels. It’s mind-numbingly awesome.

3) I’ve never done recreational drugs. Not one puff of pot. Can’t even handle Tylenol with Codeine. I’m so boring.

4) Saw my first opera at age 8. It was Carmen and I loved it.

5) Wanted desperately to be a jockey when I was ages 7 to 11. I think this was fueled by watching movies like The Black Stallion, International Velvet and episodes of Little House. I wanted to be around horses. I was already too tall though.

6) I love clipping my son’s toenails. It’s weird. But this list is supposed to be REVEALING.

7) I wish Branston Pickle was a condiment in America.

Now to name 15 blogs that are interesting to me – visit them.

I am bestowing the Versatile Blogger to you so please be sure to thank me in your acceptance speeches. You’re welcome:


Good Humored

Today in Heritage History


Girl on the Contrary

The Mainland

Live Learn and Dream

Snoring Dog Studio

The Flight of Reason

The Witty and the Mundane

Absolutely Ravenous

PCC Advantage

Barking in the Dark

For Better Genius

I Can’t High Five

15 thoughts on “Getting to know you… well, me really.

  1. Thanks! Up next sometime this coming week: sit down, have a stiff drink, stand up because I forgot I wanted to sit down, start feeling restless, have a stronger drink (the beginning of many), reread this for instructions on what format the versatile award acceptance speech is supposed to follow, sit back down (my legs got tired), completely ignore this format and transform it into something silly yet again confusing anyone who I pass the award onto like a not only acceptable, but desirable form of super herpes.

  2. Hello, there πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the award.
    Actually, thank you for visiting, reading, and commenting my blog because I don’t know if anyone is reading my blog. I created my blog to serve as my online memory bank so that I could later look back what I liked, disliked, and cared at the each given moment.

    Btw, It is funny to read your list here because I feel that I am the complete opposite of you, except one thing – I have never experimented any drug. I also don’t smoke pot nor cigarette, and I don’t even drink energy drink and alcoholic beverage. Yeah and, I think it is not boring. πŸ˜›
    Nevertheless, I am glad that you came by and liked my blog enough to give me the award. πŸ™‚

    • Well, yes, that is true, we are very different. But anyone that posts on the Daily Show is always interesting to me.
      That’s the nice thing about the blog world- it’s very easy to visit places different than what you are used to.

  3. They love me…they really..really love me! (my best Sally Field impersonation from the Academy Awards). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU! I’d like to thank my parents, my children, my daughters miniature dach., my brothers and sister, all my past wives, my grandparents, all the nuns from Catholic School who beat me into creativity, President Obama, The Dali Lama, Einstein, Hemingway, George Carlin, Word Press, HP, Google, Geico commercials, My third cousin Skeeter from Arkansas,& Prozac…I think that’s all. πŸ™‚ PKC@todayinhh

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