Happy Humpday. And happy half-birthday to moi.

Or otherwise known as happy last 6 months of my 30s. I plan to make them awesome.

Let’s have a little hump day humor shall we?

That doesn’t mean I’m joking about neutered dogs doing it to the couch leg. It means, I just only have the energy for frivolous, unimportant things. Things that are only funny if you’re sleep deprived, high on Sharpie fumes, or otherwise don’t give a shit.

Last night I was at one of my many volunteer commitments. Translation- what the husband thinks takes me away from the family but I don’t get paid for.

Anywhoo- I was texting Emma to be sure she had fulfilled her homework-shower- and other duties she was to do before bed time. So here’s how this dialogue string went:

Me: “Don’t forget to take a shower and do your homework.”

E: “Done and done”

Me: “Okay then you should get in bed sweetie. It’s getting late.”

E: “Just a little longer mom, we’re watching Avatar.”

Me: “I want you in bed so you can get your rest.”

E: “PLEEZE, it’s so cool. It’s like Smurfs but more athletic.”

This is where I proceed to literally laugh out loud during the meeting. Excusing myself to just a silly blond moment.

How can I NOT let her stay up? That kind of wit and clever humor gets rewarded in my book.

Me: “Seriously LOLing!! Okay, another 20 minutes, then bed.”

E: “Thnx mom, love u, yur the best!”

I know darling, I know.

I made this for Emma.

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