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Colored, Negro or Afro-American?

Could any of the 4 black people that read my blog kindly answer the question above?

I’m joking.  I think my demographic is mostly white females, at least the readers who comment are. It just ends up that way.

But really, I would care to know what the answer is. My guess is that the answer you are going to say is- neither.

The answer is ‘black’ right?

For several reasons-

It is 2012 not 1962

We are not characters in the movie The Help

I don’t live in the rural South.

And if I did- revert to reason 1 and that- it’s 2012.

There’s someone I know that continues to use those above terms.

I’m confused every time she does because I’m not sure if it’s offensive to use those terms or not. For the simple fact that, the stories she is telling me, don’t make one iota of difference what race these people are. But I never know what to say when she says them. She’s describing a woman on one of those Dr. shows.  She described this guest as the “Afro-American woman”. I kept wondering why she says ‘Afro’ American and not African-American. Is she talking about their hair? I realize this is an actual term. But again, is it still used today?

Not all black people are from Africa. Not all black people are black. They are shades of brown. Just ask a 3 year old. They’ll tell you.

Also, she will talk about the care nurse that stops by to take care of her elderly neighbor. “She’s a very nice Negro woman that comes 3 to 4 times a week.”

So if anyone has some kind feedback, I’m not looking to stir the pot, it’s an innocent question this white girl has. See? White girl. Not Anglo-Deutsch-American.

Tyler Perry if you’re reading- maybe you can weigh in.

This was only out in 2010, maybe it confuses white people. Tyler Perry- see what you've done?