Sluts and whores. Mr. Limbaugh is an expert.

Rush Limbaugh’s feet are so far in his mouth, his ears are wearing shoes.
Unless you’ve been under a rock the last two days, you know about him calling a college student a prostitute after her testimony for birth control to be covered for co-eds. (This article here Obama calls Sandra Fluke for support.)
What’s even worse than that first comment was the next one he said- “If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it,” Limbaugh said. “We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”
Holy mother of fuckwits! Are you high Mr. LIMBAUGH? Wait, don’t answer that.

How on earth does that shit come out of your mouth? Did you have a Freudian slip and think about what you were going to do on your lunch hour? Troll the internet for co-eds having sex while using birth control?
The millions of dollars Clear Channel pays you must qualify you as an OB/GYN. Or a PhD in female studies. Because all women that get the Pill or IUDs, or Nuvarings, are loose labia-ed whores on street corners desperate to get laid. I guess. You are an expert on this.

You, Mr.Limbaugh were a virgin before wedlock, I am certain. RIGHT? Clearly those that live in glass houses can throw stones. I’m so glad you saved yourself for marriage. I mean, for the first wedding. Did you get your virginity replaced before the subsequent trio of matrimonies? Does your wife use contraception? Or did any of them? Because you don’t have any children. I’m guessing the rhythm method has been good to you. That, or God has saved us all from your seed, which should be proof to all liberal non-believers that there is in fact a God up there looking out for all of us.
I’m curious if you use Viagra or Pos-t-vac? Those are covered by insurance. It’s sick that you need to have so much sex that you need to have those things paid for by insurance companies. At least put it on the Internet for gosh sakes. Wait. Scratch that.

Oh, this is none of my business. You are right, neither is a women’s right to contraception, YOUR business.


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25 thoughts on “Sluts and whores. Mr. Limbaugh is an expert.

  1. What cracks me up on top of what you’ve written are the words that are underlined under your post. Reads those words and it’s your post on crack.

  2. Excellant….There are no words to describe his diatribes…..the airwaves shutter when he’s on…nasty piece of work..he is.

  3. This, my dear, is what I call a “Golden Post.” Love it. “his ears are wearing shoes” …. Fantastic!!

  4. It’s the least credible and least deserving among us who seem to get the most attention. I’m going to have to look at it this way: we need people like this vile cretinous man so that we can always be reminded that hate and evil are always right around the corner and it must be called out. Only a desperate and desperately troubled person would continue to spout the crap he does.

    When Limbaugh is finally removed from his pulpit, I will hold a huge celebration. The entire U.S. ought to declare his departure a national holiday.

  5. Nicely done. I used this description for Newt, but I think it also applies to this jackhole: Rush is a beady eyed hobgobblin who should rot. What a hypocritical POS.

  6. Well said! Especially the part about his feet being so far in his mouth that his ears are wearing shoes. That was a fun mental image, especially once I read the comment about his head looking like a Honey Baked Ham.

  7. You have absolutely no idea how proud I am of the fact that my baby sister called Rush Limbaugh an ASSHAT!! The depths of his douchebaggery and general stupidity is truly amazing! And, isn’t he the highest paid asshole on the radio?

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