Archive | March 10, 2012

Where’s the Brady Bunch and John Denver when you need them?

Some of you know that I live in the fabulous Pacific Northwest. Yes, we wear Goretex, flannel and it rains a lot. It’s cloudy and drizzly 300 days out of the year. I kind of like it. I’m a lazy, homebody, so snuggling the dog and doing nothing with the excuse that the weather is crappy, is kind of ideal for me.

Despite this weird enjoyment of mine of the cold and gloom (I should move to some moor in Scotland) this brings me to my point. All of us, at some time or another, need sunshine. Even those penguin researchers down at the South Pole who only see like two minutes of daylight in the winter have to have some kind of artificial sun in their lives, I’m certain.

Apparently, I am sunshine too folks. Yes, I’m pure, liquid rays of golden Vitamin D. Or at least that’s what another blogger has told me-

You Know it Happens At Your House Too gave me the Sunshine Award. I’ve received this award before not long ago. And I like to acknowledge all awards. So I will give credit where credit is due and tell y’all to go over and read her blog and ‘like’ her Facebook page. She is one funny mama. She’s one good pimp too. She got me 30 new followers in just a day. Maybe she casts a spell or something, I don’t know. But I’m not complaining.

I was touched and well, all sunny inside when she sent my award over to me. It didn’t come in a Teleflora van or anything, it was just a message on my Facebook page.

And in the honor of the Sunshine Award I am going to list all things that are sunny and delightful.

Singers now just don’t sing of sunshine anymore! You wouldn’t hear L’il Wayne or Nicki Minaj rap about sunshine. You might hear Adele sing about it, but since she set fire to the rain, she’ll probably snuff out the sun, or deep freeze it or something.

So here is some sunshine for YOUR day. Put on your bell bottoms, fringed leather jacket and pooka shells, cuz these all hail from the 70s!

First up- John Denver. Classic John Denver. Sunshine on My Shoulder, Makes me Happy. It makes me happy too. On my back, on my arms and on my legs with SPF 500 smeared all over them. But nonetheless, it does make me happy.

Then, The Brady Bunch. It’s a Sunshine Day. Yes it is! It’s raining buckets but I’m going to have sunshine in my heart no matter what.

Please get me the cookie jar. Anyone? Anyone? It would go fabulously with the Cher Barbie I’m still waiting for.

Then, we’ve got some soul. Some R&B. This song has been done and redone over and over. But it’s good. And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know… oh sorry, just feeling the lyrics. This is probably one of those good break up songs. Like REM, Losing my Religion, without sunshine…

And the all time classic-

You are my Sunshine. Which always makes me think of French’s mustard. Darn them! This song is only sweet for the first verse. After that they sing about taking away the sunshine and how sad it all is and I just think of death and dying and start crying. So maybe I’ll just go back to singing The Brady Bunch.

Wishing you a Sunshine Day!

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