Happy “Bring your dog to the movie theater day” Hunger Games?

I know today is National Puppy Day. Does this mean folks can bring their dogs with them to public places at will? The thing about dogs in public, is this- you either have a service animal or you have a pet. Pets that are small and undetectable, if it’s not bothering me, I don’t really care. Yes, I see ladies at Target with Pomeranians in their cart. Weird. But does it upset me? Not really.

A large lab type dog breed, brought in against it’s will to be forced to sit on the movie theater floor during a 2 hour film is a different story.

I was seated towards the back. I see a couple come in and get seats towards the front. The woman sits down and the guy is dragging this dog on its leash. It’s clearly afraid, doesn’t want to be there or something. It is NOT a service animal. Maybe that’s what they told the folks at the front. I thought there was a no-pet policy at the theater. I guess you tell people it’s a service dog and they give you the ‘all clear’.  As far as I know, service animals don’t cower.

Soon after that, a family comes in with an infant AND a toddler. OH- did I mention I was seeing The Hunger Games? Yeah. Totally stoked for this movie. Read all three books a year ago and was anxious for its release. Am I bringing MY kids? Sure, later this weekend. They are almost 12 and 9, have read the books and can tolerate certain subject matter. Would I take them if they were 2? NO.

This family sits in the row directly behind me. Throughout the film, the baby made noises, not awful ones, just little squawks and sounds now and then. The toddler had to be taken out multiple times for its chatty-ness. Can’t blame the poor thing.

I love movies. My kids love movies. James and I usually go to a movie on date nights. Between the years of 2000 and 2006, I didn’t go to a movie unless it was a children’s film, or with James and we got a sitter. That is what happens when you have children. You make sacrifices. You make choices. It’s the way life works. You don’t drag your babies to whatever film you happen to want to see at the time just because YOU want to see it. It’s not fun for them, you or the fellow movie goers.

Yes, it’s real extravagant of me to be able to go to a movie in the middle of the day. Or is it? Actually, it’s quite thrifty of me. Ticket prices are cheaper. My kids are in school. I have other obligations for them in the evenings with their activities, or if James and I were to go together, we would have to pay for a sitter. So going to a movie in the middle of the day, is really like meeting a friend for lunch. About 15 bucks and a couple hours of free time.

So when I go to a movie. I like to enjoy it. I don’t like it ruined by animals or children. Call me a bitch, it’s just how I feel. I don’t know why people are so insensitive to the etiquette of going to the theater. Lately, I have to shush people, tell them to stop kicking my seat or glare at them for letting their kid play Doodle Jump on their iPad during the film. I’m a rule follower. I silence my cell phone, I don’t talk to my neighbor, I try to chew my popcorn only during the loud scenes and not during the poignant, quiet ones. I don’t rustle around in my purse for Red Vines. WHY can’t other people do the SAME??? Oh, and by the way, the dog chose to bark right when Katniss kissed Peeta in the cave.

If you don’t know the story, don’t go to the movie and ask your neighbor a bunch of questions towards the end during the climactic scene. I don’t want to overhear, “no remember the poison berries….yeah no, that’s in the second one….. oh, what about Gale…. does President Snow come back…..where’s Buttercup?” Geeze people!! SHUT UP!

I make sure my pets are safe at home during the day, and that my children are somewhere appropriate as well. Again- I’ve made the effort, so can THEY!

Consideration folks. It’s free. It’s not hard. Just takes a couple of seconds to think of someone other than yourself. If you use some consideration, your pets and children will thank you.

Oh yeah, Hunger Games was good. Go see it. Just check the theater for pets and babies first.

8 thoughts on “Happy “Bring your dog to the movie theater day” Hunger Games?

  1. Hi,
    I know exactly what you mean. I have had some bad experiences at the movies with baby’s crying, kids playing up etc. Sometimes the parents do the right thing and take the child outside, but this doesn’t happen all that much.

    We are lucky in the sense that my Husband is a shift worker, so we now only go to the movies of a morning usually first session and it’s very quite, Monday mornings are excellent, we never go during school holidays. 🙂

  2. I went to the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie with a friend and there was this couple several seats up with a four year old. The kid was terrified and like cried through the whole movie and they kept telling him to shut up over and over. I seriously wanted to smack them for dragging their kid to a movie that wasn’t even geared towards that age and then getting irritated because he was acting like a kid. So yes, I totally get you. And no, you’re not a bitch. As for the dog, I don’t know what the deal was there but weird. Just weird. People can be so thoughtless. I feel bad for the dog. And everyone around them.

  3. My vote for most annoying is the old people who talk at regular volume to each other trying to figure out the plot. Every time I see a movie in the theater I swear I’m gonna quit and stick to Netflix. They really need certain showings that are asshole-free, where all of the polite people can watch the movie together.

  4. I know family take their kids during the day(whatever their ages), its the acceptable time so the kiddies don’t disturb the evening movie goers….sorry thats just what one has to put up with if you attend lunch or matinee times….the dog, thats makes no sense unless its a dog that barks at home when left alone, as well as barks in the vehicle when left alone…but is it common for restaurants or theatres to allow dogs at all other than service dogs….and if you go to the 3:30-5:30 slot…you’ll get the wee young’uns who are allowed to go byself, after school and they bring their own form of wiggles, giggles and have to run back and forth with whispers and twiggles…..oh well, at least you saved a bit of cash…..

  5. You hit two of my pet peeves:

    1) People texting during movies. What’s up with that?? You can’t wait till after the movie? And it’s not just young kids. I see adults doing that as well.

    2) People talking during movies. And this includes adults as well. When did this become okay?

    We go to a movie almost every week, and it’s getting less enjoyable with those occurrences.
    Really good post, my friend!

  6. Two things keep my wife and I from going to the movies.

    1. The cost.
    2. The people

    Nobody respects anybody anymore and it drives us nuts. I don’t talk and I silence my phone. It’s really not that hard to follow those rules. But most people seem to struggle with it.

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