Samantha Brick can be MY friend, and I wouldn’t be jealous. I promise.

I’m a little excited over here in blogger land. I recorded my first VLOG!! Yep- you get to see my sweet mug and then some!

So here’s a little background on this ditty:

Samantha Brick is a woman in the UK who says life has been so hard being pretty. Women hate her and are backstabbing bitches because of her good looks. She has never been a bridesmaid because the brides feel threatened she will steal their groom.

She has had to dress down at work for fear of being TOO attractive. Also- she can’t wait to age when the wrinkles and gray hairs make her look more average.

Wow, this chick is a piece of work.

Here’s the articles from the original UK post-

Women hate her because she’s beautiful

Her article proves women are bitchy because of the response world wide

Here’s my response:

It’s a little rambling, a little long. But I have visual aids and wear a tiara. So it’s worth a look. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Samantha Brick can be MY friend, and I wouldn’t be jealous. I promise.

  1. That was so fabulous, I am so very jealous. Loved it. Your tiara is kinda threatening, but only because I wish I had worn one in my previous vlogs.

    You totally had me at Nellie Olsen, by the way. Oh, and Tina Fey? All kinds of hotness goin’ on right there, love her!

    Your vlog was awesome, but isn’t it hard to know how to end it? I know when I get to the end of one of my vlogs I just start to ramble and then it gets real awkward when you have to reach over and click the webcam off.

    • Why thank you! Yeah, I looked like one of those old people, “how do you turn the thing off?” I’ll wear a sombrero next time, way less intimidating than a tiara- don’t you think? πŸ™‚

  2. That was effing awesome girl! Nice job with the v-logging:) And, yeah, that chick is a piece of work, and definitely not a hot one. You are cute as a button and Iove the tiara….

    • Oh thank you!! I love to hear that. Except- don’t wake PIPER! My husband was like ‘eh, it was okay’. Really? Thanks asshat. So I love hearing folks who love it. I will do it again. But I’m thinking different wardrobe… πŸ™‚

  3. F, this comes from Mail Online which is probably the largest collection of swill on the interwebs. also, she bears a close resemblance to my friend Laurie’s pug. love the tiara. continue…

  4. It’s just a little bit extraordinary, yes, I do agree. I can think of many attractive women who have “endured” and made something of their life, with their beauty! To be honest, I think her true upset is that she’s not a model or anything special (which she believes she ought be, with her looks), and this evokes bitterness. Maybe I am not worldly enough but I don’t think women TRULY are bitchy because of beauty – are they? – truly? I think it is the attitude behind the beauty that is off-putting.

    Anyway, great Vlog πŸ™‚

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