The Music Video

I’ve been reading the soft porn book 50 Shades of Grey about domination, kinky sex, and everything you don’t want your parents to know you are reading. Whew, is it hot in here??

If you’ve read it, you know how, uhm, steamy it is. Steamy? Geeze, that’s putting it lightly!! It’s like jungle steamy, humidifier steamy, boiling noodles steamy.

The other day I had to put it down because I think my cheeks were flushed and the kids came home from school.

I will be honest. I haven’t finished it yet. I feel dirty reading it when the children are home.

So this is me during the day whenever I get a chance on my own to read it. I incorporate chores, Daniel Craig, some subliminal thoughts- you’ll be surprised, and how I really just can’t put the book down. Unless of course, my kids are home! Then I hide it under the couch cushions.

Please keep in mind- I’m a goof ball and by no means take any of this seriously.


I’m a happily married woman who has no problem with vanilla sex. Thank you.

I know- more than you needed to know.


35 thoughts on “The Music Video

  1. Too funny! I started the book on Monday and stayed up half the night reading. Good to see I’
    I’m not the only one. 😉

  2. Know that I was clapping and laughing out loud. Swear.
    And Je.sus I had no idea what this book was about. It’s been recommended and I just ordered it via amazon. I may have to check the mail box. Repeatedly.

  3. Hahaha, I love it. I’ve heard a lot about the book. Now I’m going to have to get it! Um, could you order it for me? ;^D


  4. Great video! Oh, and btw you better get that half ‘n half out the microwave before it goes bad!

    This is the second reference to this book that I’ve seen today and the first was my first…on 20/20. As I said on FB, I need to get out more!

  5. I LOVE that you made that video. I have been wanting to read that book, but had no idea it was so compelling (steamy). I’m totally going to read that (steamy) book now. But not when the kids around.

  6. I’m writing a review of this book to post in a couple hours and have added a link to this post of yours, because your video is the only good thing about this book, in my opinion, now that I’ve read it… 🙂

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