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Why can’t blogging awards come with gift baskets?

I really need to apologize for taking so freaking long to acknowledge some bloggers out there. And I’m very sorry that I don’t have a wine box or fruit basket to go with the awards I’m giving. If there was only a swag room like on award shows!!

So I humbly accept The Liebster Blog award by three- yes three- (I’m so cool) fellow bloggers.

The deal is, I need to acknowledge the blogs that awarded me this- and then award it to 5 other blogs that I enjoy.

And yes, I’m well aware I don’t deserve any awards (self depracation is my specialty) since my posts are fluffy and silly, full of stay at home mom musings, but hey- I don’t post endless pictures of kitties peeking out of cereal boxes. Okay, on Facebook,  I do. But since I crack myself up, and there’s a handful of folks who seem to genuinely enjoy my dull, shallow page, I will continue to fulfill my obligation and keep writing.

Okay my award givers are:

Somewhat Sane Mom,

She wrote the most HILARIOUS post of a party where Dora the Explorer got drunk on a bottle of Arbor Mist. I know- crazy good! She is even being my partner in crime and pimping my page to Ellen so Ellen can see my 50 Shades music video.

She has a keen wit, I think she’s hilarious like myself, and I don’t think she would mind hanging out with a beer or two (one in each hand, ha ha). Just go read her now! Okay, I’ll stop being so bossy.

What Inside Voice?

She blogs about celebrities she misses. My kind of gal. She got her teeth whitened recently (who cares right? Look at the pic!), and she has a ton of Facebook followers. I thought she was one of the cool kids on campus and was surprised when she graciously gifted me with an award. It’s always fun to find out there’s people who like you. And she’s got a book coming out! So when one of the cool kids, gives you an award, it feels extra good.

Blissfully Discontented

I remember Bliss back in my early months of blogging. I didn’t realize she and I started our blogs almost at the same time. She seemed so skilled and like a veteran. She uses the poignancy of raising children, one with special needs, and she blends it with balls out hilarity!! Which, I love balls out hilarity, if you know anything about me. I just love this gal, she’s sweet and kind and supportive of me. Like a cupcake and a good bra. That’s what a good friend is all about. And I’ve never even met her.

So here’s my five blogs that I would love for you to check out.

Please read them and support them. We are all just putting our words out there. Loving when someone reads them. And if they resonate within you in any way- then that’s just a bonus.

Hungry Rambling

My friend Jen, has been writing this blog for awhile. But I think it’s because of recently her and I going on some food adventures that it has really picked up. I mean, it is all about me, right? She’s my foodie friend and she’s not a dick about it. She likes good food. She’ll have lunch twice in one day (we have done this) because we find a restaurant that we want to check out, after just having lunch at a bakery we knew we wanted to check out. Anyway, you get the idea. She’s fun and sweet and doesn’t swear or gripe about her husband, like I do. She’ll gripe about a restaurant though, but mostly she savors the good stuff.

Glass Half Fool

I’ve known this guy and his family for many years. He has found himself in a situation away from his kids and starting a new chapter in his life as a single guy. I think his writing is an outlet for his frustrations and he has a snarky, twisted sense of humor. But then he’ll hit you with a poem from the heart. So yeah, he’s pretty messed up- but you’ll like him. I promise.

Misadventures of a 20 something Mom

This chick is amazeballs! If I had my shit together in my 20s to be a first time mom and write like she does, I may as well wear a cape, I would’ve been THAT amazing. GOODNESS- she’s funny and candid. She gets IT. If you know what I mean. And she isn’t afraid. And I like that about her. I’d like to say she’s a lot like me. Or maybe, I’m like her.

Twins Happen

Oh Twins mama!! I love this gal. I’ve never met her, but she’s my longitudinal (is that even a word?) sister. She and I are like the only bloggers on the west coast up on Facebook after 10 pm to kabitz back and forth. She’s given me advice, support and she has a big, huge heart. Whenever she throws in a curse word, I crack up, because her by-line is, “raising twins with God and lots of coffee”. I love a good Christian girl that swears. (Ahem, I may just relate, just a little…)

Kvetch Mom

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch…. How can you not like Kvetch mom?? You can kvetch with her for goodness sakes and she’s not all verklempt. Get it? I threw in some more yiddish for you there. Kvetch mom is just funny. Read her post on Passover and tell me if you don’t pee your pants. Anyone that can throw in Moses and farts in the same sentence, is gifted!!

Now you guys have to do the same- thank MOI first,  and name 5 blogs you like. Be sure to let them know because all writers are selfish whores and love getting the attention!

There are a million bajillion more bloggy blogs out there that I need to give recognition to. So someone give me another award  and then I’ll write about them.

Peace out y’all.