They allow wine at school concerts. Don’t they?

I endured my daughter’s middle school choir/band/orchestra Spring concert tonight. And let me say this- my utmost admiration and respect go to the teachers and students that put forth the effort for that performance. And also, the parents that I’m about to critique are probably none of the readers of this blog. So with that said- here goes:

My daughter goes to a pretty large middle school. About 1200 kids attend.  The music program for middle schools has taken a beating for budget cuts, so I’m thrilled these programs are available at all. But parents- What the fuck is wrong with you?? You can’t sit still and shut up for 90 minutes? You can’t have your littler ones sit still and watch their bigger brother or sister perform? And if not- can you get them outside?

I don’t know if my kids are an anomaly- but they sit still during church, movies, school and performances. Not every child is capable of this, I know. But seriously, I think sometimes the problem lies within the parents. They are AFRAID to tell their kids to sit still and zip it. Zip it I say!

Oh- this was the best- during my daughter’s choir performance, they are singing this sweet Japanese folk tune- of course the concert is in the cafeteria. There’s vending machines right next to the stage. There’s a kid from the audience that comes up and gets an ice cream bar out of the vending machine during the song!! A FUCKING ICE CREAM BAR DURING THE SONG!! The machine was so loud!! Even the kid realized his mistake. He covered his face with his hands and most every grown-up in the first two rows just looked in disbelief. Bravo to the choir kids on the risers who just kept on singing.

And can I just mention the halitosis that was in my vicinity? Did everyone eat cabbage before the show?? What gives?

The sweet 12 year old voices couldn’t distract me from the bodily smells and sounds going on in the seats near me.

What is with parents and cameras? Holy hell, it was like feeding time at the zoo. Whenever a group would arrange themselves in their seats with instruments ready, parents would come forward with their cameras and hover in the aisles. I mean, I suppose so, since you can’t really see anything from the back. But the competition of hands raised with their Flip videos and iPhones was  laughable. I mean, really? Even Emma noticed the parents around her where she was sitting in her holding area for the choir kids.  She said the mom with her video camera was so in the way of the other parents next to her, that if they were trying to get any footage, it was probably of that ladys’ arm in their frame!

And let’s not forget the chatter in the audience. The two ladies next to me wouldn’t SHUT UP!  You know it’s bad when the Band teacher has to get up to the microphone between sets and ask if everyone can be a good audience and please refrain from conversation and keep little ones still! Now THAT’s bad!

I think it all summed it up during the finale when the 7th grade band performed The Final Countdown. Yes. The song from the 80’s group, Europe. It brought me back to the summer of 1986. Yes, what is better than 13 year olds on trumpets and saxophones reviving an 80’s Hair Band classic? Well, plenty. But the best part- it was the finale!

And no, they don’t serve wine at middle school concerts. Sadly. But I do serve wine to myself- at home, and any mistakes on this blog post are attributed to the two glasses I just had.

12 thoughts on “They allow wine at school concerts. Don’t they?

  1. The final countdown? That killed me – I would have fought hard to not get on my chair and start swinging my hair and punching my fist in the air…love you.

  2. Yay! I totally agree. But like you said, most of the times it’s even the parents! A cell phone rings, they go to the bathroom. Give me a break! When it’s ok to be loud, I bring everyone. When it’s not, like my daughters tennis games, guess what? I don’t bring them!!! Amen for parents who parent! ❤ ya 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for this rant…as I felt the same way!!! I will refrain from filling my flask and bringing it in my bag, but I think I downed 1/2 a bottle after I made it home. Thanks for the video, I will be able to enjoy it much better in the privacy of my own home.
    PS: Don’t think I wasn’t jonesing for my Aqua Net during that last song 😉

  4. When Nick was in middle school, Gwen couldn’t sit still and be quiet. SO I DIDN’T BRING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent a frickin’ fortune on child care, money I didn’t have, to be able to see Nick perform in band or theater. I have ZERO tolerance for parents who don’t do the same!

  5. Wait – are all the parents with the halitosis and the loud kids wearing mom jeans? Are the loud kids hideous brats??? Are you sure our kids don’t go to the same school???

  6. And yet suggestions for selective breeding and sterilization programs to weed out the uncouth aren’t taken seriously…. There are so many people on the planet that soon we won’t be able to find ANY place to raise children without exposing them to tacky influences. Zoiks

  7. They may not serve wine at your daughter’s middle school, but at my daughter’s school they teach the kids how to make it! No kidding, they get to major in wine making at her middle/high school. It’s awesome 🙂

  8. My daughter is in college, but I still fume at the way parents acted at school functions when she was younger. The thing that burned me the most was that people thought it was acceptable to leave as soon as their “little darling” was done performing. They would round up the family during the next song or event, effectively eliminating any chance of hearing/seeing it if your child was still performing!

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