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Reasons to Live Friday #2

I’ve decided this is going to be my thang on Fridays. Usually by the end of the week we are either dragging our asses like a dog with worms, or  we’re in pretty good moods. So we can count our blessings and be happy for the weekend, right? I can’t be responsible for how you feel on Monday. You’ll just have to come back again on Friday to see what makes ME happy.

Today I’m going to ACUPUNCTURE. I go once a month for maintenance. Like an oil change. Some gals get their nails done. I get my acupuncture on. I’ve been going for 2 years now. I love my doctor. Shirley and I are like this <<holds up fingers crossed together>> She’s poking me with needles asking me about my bowels and menstrual cycles, and I’m telling her what I saw on Bravo. She ‘gets’ me.

My migraines are almost gone. An occasional one will creep up on me. But not the monthly ones I used to get. I’m using acupuncture to regulate my cycles instead of oral birth control. That stuff messed me up. I’m not sure if I’m 100%. It’s a work in progress- but I’m about 85% better than I used to be. The feeling afterwards is very energizing. And I have hardly any sinus issues. She clears up head and chest congestion so magically. I go to her first if I’m getting sick. She can usually clear me up if I’m heading towards bronchitis and then I can avoid antibiotics. Chinese medicine is a marvelous thing! Oh and don’t freak out about the needles. They are tiny!! Worse things can happen at the dentist. Acupuncture is easy. My insurance covers it and it’s wonderful. Look into it.

Fiber- I love fiber. I eat flax seed, chia seed, wheatberry cereal and all kinds of roughage. It’s a beautiful thing to keep your pipes clear. That’s another thing Shirley is working on for me. I have a very delicate constitution. If I eat dairy or too much gluten, I bloat and can get, you know, issues. This sucks when traveling. Different foods can set me off. I’m always walking around with enzymes and probiotics in my purse. I’ve got to keep on top of my gut. I wouldn’t want a repeat of the “Heidelberg” incident. My mom knows the ‘Heidelberg’ and what happened there. We went to the top of a mountain cafe in Heidelberg, Germany and had a Hefeweizen. It was a Saturday. By the time we got back to town it was after the shops had closed. In Europe on a weekend, everything closes by 3 o’clock. The Hefeweizen wasn’t sitting too well with me. I needed a restroom. Bad. We’re not quite talking the bridal shop scene in Bridesmaids. But it was imperative that I get to a toilet. Preferably one with toilet paper and flushing water. Since you never knew what you got in some of those castles. We found one behind a food court. There was probably a gyro shop that didn’t lock theirs or something. I was relieved to know that our 15 minute train ride back to the place we were staying was going to be in comfort and not in desperation. We don’t need to speak of the “Heidelberg” incident again. Capiche?

Maybe I should change that last paragraph to “grateful for random public restrooms in German towns”.

Going out to eat with girlfriends-

This weekend my friend Jen and I are going to a restaurant. We like to eat. She’s a food blogger, Hungry Rambling, and well, we like to eat.  So our boys and husbands are at a Cub Scout event.  And Emma will be with a friend overnight. So we are getting our appetite on. Italian is on the menu downtown. I’m already looking forward to it. We like little local places that have been reviewed locally to be foodie places. Usually I can find a vegan option on the menu and they serve organic, local items. Yay.

My electric tea kettle- or how about electricity in general?

I love my electric tea kettle!! It’s a Breville and I use it at least 5 times a day. I drink tea about 5 times a day too, so I need it to work quickly. And it does. But I’m also grateful for my electric espresso maker, my dishwasher, my washing machine, the refrigerator…. see? All electric appliances. Thank you Thomas Edison.

Okay. There you go. Random? Maybe. But hey- I’m grateful. I’m living and loving! How about you?

Accentuate the positive.

Peace out.