Reasons to Live Friday – #3

Well, come on. How could I NOT do a RTLF on DADs? Happy Father’s Day!!

I have been blessed to have amazing men in my life. Aside from the one or two doucheboat boyfriends I had in my past,  the men in my life have been fine upstanding men. I have a wonderful father, husband, older brother and even a father in law. I’m very lucky.

I’ve gushed about my dad before in my blog, way back on his birthday, Ode to My Dad. And I’ve given a shout-out to my McSweetie a few times too.  I’m just really grateful for Father’s Day to give them a little pat on the back for being the swell fellas that they are.

Some dads like going for a bike ride, camping trip or ball game. Hubby just wants to sit. Lounge. You name it. He is the king of idleness if you let him.

I have the best baby daddy. If you asked the kids, what their dad does, they would say- ‘he sits on his laptop all day’. Which is kind of true. But he works for a software company so he needs to be on his computer. Duh. He’s pretty amazing. Does Cub Scouts and soccer with the Boy, supports me, doesn’t complain about my piles of crap everywhere. Oh wait. Those are his piles of crap! Doesn’t complain about all my volunteer positions. He helps the Girl with her science projects and homework. I know that both kids want more time with their dad because he works so much. They’re used to me. But if dad gets to do something or offers to play with them, whoa- then THAT’s way cool.

My father in law is also a pretty great dad. He’s solid, trustworthy, kind, old-fashioned, and likes to take the kids fishing and fly his model airplanes with them.  I know he set a wonderful example for his sons of working hard for his family and staying true to his wife and kids while McS was growing up. He’s not a gushy, emotional type, but I know his family means a lot to him.

My dad is of course, the best. Isn’t that what a girl should think about her dad, that the sun rises and sets on him? It’s true. He does everything perfectly. He’s tidy, a gentleman, sweet, strict, loving, all those things. Notice I said ‘tidy’ first! Ha- that’s what I think of him. I can see my children have a special connection to him. They respect him (they respect their other grandpa too, don’t get me wrong!), they are interested in his opinion. I’ve noticed it really means something to my kids to try to please him. I think it’s endearing that they go out of their way for him. Owen always seems to come up with things he’ll think O’daddy (that’s what they call him) would like.

Now with McSweetie here,

I knew I was playing my cards right when I met my husband. I could see ‘father material’ all over him. I had no idea though he would be THIS good. I don’t think he knew how much it would open him up. How much he would ‘feel’ for his kids. I truly think his heart has grown since our early years together, and it is from being a father. We co-parent very well. He listens to his kids. He makes sure to hug them and tell them he loves them. I think THAT is first and foremost, #1.


I am so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by these great men. To have my children be surrounded by them too.

Happy Father’s Day!

I absolutely love this picture. Yep, that’s me as a baby.

7 thoughts on “Reasons to Live Friday – #3

  1. Pfft. Why is it that Father’s Day is not the same day the world over like Mother’s Day? (and even that is thrown out by Mothering Sunday in the UK…) we now use the Father’s Day of the country we are living in… Gets too damm confusing otherwise 🙂

    Lovely Dads day post btw!

  2. Dad is dwelling on all that nice hair he still had then :~). I read the post to him, thank you. I concur with all you wrote, it’s all so true.

  3. “doesn’t complain about my piles of crap..” – – – Golden. Right there. xo Happy Father’s Day McFrugie – I mean McSweetie! xo

  4. You have the trifecta! I love these modern men who are actually involved in their kids’ lives. How did June Cleaver do it? My guess is they ended the series before the “June strangles Ward episode” aired. Have a great weekend with your special guys!

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