I will not censor myself

Hey, readers. Listen up. I’ve been holding back. You know the librarian with the glasses, the buttoned up collar and the comfortable shoes? That’s me. No, it’s not my alter ego stripper character. Although, that would probably be perfect if I were to have some secret stripper life. That’s describing how I’m feeling sometimes when I’ve been writing. I’m thinking of bringing out the fishnets, Flashdance sweater with the cut out neck hole, and a bajillion bangle bracelets Madonna style. You get this is a metaphor right? A wardrobe description to describe my writing? Right? Okay, cuz any of you waiting for pics of me in this get up- just move along.

My point is- NO MORE MRS. NICE GUY!

I’m not going to get all hung up on the Dewey Decimal system anymore!

I’m too careful. I feel I need to please.  I’m worried about what my neighbor might think. What my mom might think. What the husband might think. Well, too damn bad.

I should only have to please ME! If you don’t like what I write, well too damn bad.

Nobody has picked on me or anything. I just was thinking back on some previous posts, and I think I was treading lightly. I shouldn’t feel like I need to beat around the bush with my blog. It’s not a family get together with the in-laws where I should choose my words carefully. This is MY blog. And I’m going to write like I’ve had two appletinis and I’m out with my girlfriends!

Hold. The. Phone. There’s a Flashdance Barbie? Why do I feel like I need this?

Oh yeah!!


And you’re like, wait- you talk  about your time of the month, sex with your husbandtelling people how to feed their kids  and the sham family bed– what in THEE HELL could you be MORE honest about?

Well, I don’t know- YET. But I promise you, whatever it’s going to be, it will be raw, rough and naked. SEE! I’m already letting loose! ha!!

Maybe it’s this whole turning 40 thing on the horizon.  Maybe it’s life is too short to waste on feeling self-conscious.

I’m going to wear green eyeshadow if I feel like it, regardless of the beauty mags that say I shouldn’t since my eyes are green. And I’m going to wear red lipstick when I feel like it too. Because I got some nice lips, and I can show them off, even if I think I look like Gwen Stefani when I wear red lipstick, but I probably look like Courtney Love after a heroine high.

This is how I look in red lipstick.

So there you go. Stay tuned.

Just kidding!! THIS is how I look in red lipstick, especially after running around doing errands and carpool.

16 thoughts on “I will not censor myself

  1. Good for you! This is your space. Decorate it with the words that you please & makes you feel better. It’s a place to give your point of view. Give everyone another perspective. Go for it! (And I don’t know how I ever missed the Flashdance Barbie, either. For shame! Wish I had it, too!)

  2. I love that Barbie and you can totally rock the red lip….just go digging for it on that bathroom counter of yours!!! Lol….also green eyeshadow can be pretty with green eyes try Sherazade by Laura Mercier….gorg.

  3. Oh, girl. How I love thee, let me count the ways 🙂 That last paragraph had me rolling. seriously. All I have to say, is you go on with your bad ass self. I have to hold back too, because my daddy is a regular reader of my bloggy blog and every post I write, I write thinking that he is reading it. It’s hard. Part of me wants to start an anonymous blog and just go to town. Dropping f bombs left and right, talking about super controversial topics and giving my opinions without giving a shit about what anybody things. So anyhow, let me repeat, GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF SISTER! xoxo

  4. I am all for that! My in-laws faithfully read my blog and today I wrote about my sex life with their son. It was pretty G rated stuff though. I am a firm believer in–your blog, your rules. Write whatever you want, who cares what others think.

  5. Woohoo! I tend to censor myself too much as well. Just be prepared for not-nice comments from time to time (but hey, who really cares what they think, eh?)

  6. Good for you! You should feel free to write about whatever you love and write however you want. 40 is the new 30. 40 is the new 30. 40 is the new….

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