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Dear NBC- Bring Back BFF,

Kind sirs and madams at the high decision making end of what shows to keep at NBC: (run-on sentences be damned)

I don’t write letters to networks asking for anything. If I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it. I won’t write a letter boycotting it like SOME people have. If I like a show, I’ll just watch it and enjoy it. I’ll tell a few girl friends, you know, share it on Facebook, just kick back and wait for its day and time.

This is why this letter means so much. If I’m writing it, it must be worth it.

NBC- you have been home to some of my all time favorites- Little House on the Prairie, Friends, Seinfeld, The Cosby Show… I know. So great, right?

I see a new favorite in Best Friends Forever. I’m going to make myself clear- BRING BACK Best Friends Forever! Please!

Len and Jess (or my sister from another mister)

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a friend like the way Jess and Len are friends. Their chemistry is like magic. Maybe I like it because my friends tell me that I remind them of Jessica St. Clair. I think of that as a compliment! These ladies are the next Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig. Yes, I believe this to be true. You have a goldmine here with this show. With a little more marketing, and persistence, big things are ahead!

The writing and creating genius of Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham is golden. Girls can really relate to this! I crack up. The chemistry of Len and Jess together is much like a combination of several girlfriends in my lifetime I’ve had mixed together. Crazy roommates, childhood friends, friends you meet through college… and the guys on this show are the perfect straight men (no hetero reference here) to the crazy antics of Jess and Len. Mostly Jess, you have to admit.The Cougar party? Her bathtub spaz outs? Oh, and the bra episode with the boyfriend’s parents walking in?? Classic!!! Protect the Areolas! Even critics praise their chemistry and comic antics, (Read Entertainment Weekly’s article here)

Plus, I need to know if Jess and Rav are going to hook up for good. And Len and Joe need a Comic con style proposal with a flash mob, dontcha think?

Thank you for your consideration. I need this show like I need air, water, and coffee. Well, you know. Maybe like coffee. And a good push-up bra. Supportive and fun.



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