Archive | July 6, 2012

Reasons to Live Friday #6

This isn’t rocket science folks. This is me just counting my blessings. My RTLF this week is- Boy Scout Camp.

Oh yeah- the boys are gone to camp and it’s just me and Emma. From yesterday (Thursday) until Sunday afternoon, we are alone.

It’s funny how only a family of four, when it’s down 50%, makes such a difference! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this. It’s like a vacation. No offense to my sweet boy and McSweetie. I just love my alone time and independence. Emma is low maintenance. She doesn’t ask or do much. Plus, we get to eat what we want and watch endless episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!

Tonight we are going to see the Katy Perry movie after we plan to dine on Chinese noodles. Or maybe sushi. Tomorrow- manicures. Then she has a sleepover with her friend and then I’m ALONE for real!! I’m going out to dinner with my foodie friend Jen. See? Life is SO good!

Let me just list my blessings to how I came to this sweet, amazing life-

1) McSweetie- he’s always at the top of my list. What a great dad he is. Works his butt off for us. Seriously, he has like the skinniest ass around.  Remember? But he works hard, then he is Owen’s den leader and takes him to all these great Cub Scout events. I know Owen is thrilled to have these days with this dad- learning to shoot a bow and arrow, hiking, paddling a canoe… I mean- that is summer right there!

2) Being able to spend all kinds of time with my kids. Summer is one of those Stay At Home Mom blessing/curse things. You sometimes want to strangle the children and beat your head against the refrigerator after spending the whole day with them. And then, now that they are getting older, it’s actually FUN to do stuff with them. They keep me laughing, can be nice to each other and actually be- helpful! I know- SHOCKING!

3) My amazing daughter. I know- I’ve posted about her before. She is pretty funny. She cracks me up. She likes to hang out with me. She keeps me on my toes. If she would only CLEAN HER ROOM– she’d be almost perfect!!

Well, that’s all I got to say right now. Sleeping in doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to get ready! Without my Owen alarm clock, I’m way passed schedule!  I’ve got to get the girl to her theater camp, then it’s acupuncture for me, then we get to have our movie and dinner.

Oh and the sun is shining and the sky is blue. It’s in the mid 70s here in Seattle today. See? Almost perfect.