I’m like Jane Fonda of the 80s…only better

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately. And there are a ton of exercise tips. Lots of them. They all come with these pictures of some woman and her six-pack, that’s really more like a ten-pack. Thighs of steel, buns of supple perkiness that you could bounce a quarter off of.

So I pin all these exercises to my board. And guess what? They don’t seem to work unless I actually DO them!

Yeah. So I decided to make an exercise video that you all could pin to YOUR Pinterest boards.

You know all those exercise people are very intimidating. Their sculpted, toned bodies. Tanned and cellulite free. What a crock!

So I give you- ME.

When my friend and I would do the Jane Fonda video that her mom had and we used her VCR and it was like 1984, we were so excited to don our leotards and leg warmers. We really wanted to look like the girls in the video. I guess I have never lived that down. Which will explain my exercise wardrobe I selected for this clip.

The super high leg openings are like an 80s dream come true. And a bikini area grooming nightmare.

Watching this will make you feel so much better about yourself. And hey, you too can be just an average sized housewife like me. Just trying to stay out of the mom jeans and keep my muffin under control.

Stay hydrated and be sure to warm up first.

11 thoughts on “I’m like Jane Fonda of the 80s…only better

  1. I love you. And this. Instead of the dog on the floor with me, its my monsters, but its about the same here at my house. Belly rubs and all. Except when I attempt to to the crunch thingies, my Lil Man pulls up my shirt so he can blow raspberries on my awesomely flabby stretchmarked stomach. It makes the raspberries so much better when there’s loose skin to blow on.

  2. That video was awesome. It was like, right there with Flashdance and the old Buns of Steel video tapes my wife had for years. Except you added the krumping and hip hop all up in the HOUSE!

  3. I’m not so sure that was the belly that you were rubbing on your dog. It mighty close to… well, no matter, the video was very funny, and as a Pilates instructor, I totally appreciated your attempt at the hundred! AND using your daughter as your cinematographer was genius. That’s why you have kids, right?! Very funny. Glad to have found you.

    • Ha! My mom said the same thing. I was though. She lays right under my hand where her soft underbelly is. It’s very difficult to ignore her! Thank you for your acknowledgement of my 100. I used to be able to do that like a BOSS and clearly I’ve let myself go!

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