Reasons to Live Friday #8- Happy Birthday Mr. Frugalista…

HHHHHappy Biiiiiirrrthhhdayyyyy TOOOOOOOO yoooooooou……….in my best breathy Marilyn to JFK voice. I’m sure McSweetie would love it if I got that slinky, sparkly dress to serenade him in.

McSweetie’s birthday is today!!

Guess what?? He’s one lucky guy. Not only is he married to, yours truly, and I make him so happy. But I dedicated my bloggy blog today to him. If you think this is a sweet, sentimental road down McSweetie’s life, you are sorely mistaken.

Does he want that? Hmmm, I’m gonna say… no. He’s sentimental, sure. But privately. He doesn’t do PDA. He didn’t propose in public. His thought of an endearing Facebook status is, “Happy birthday today to my wife.” Yeah. He’s deep. But really, he is! When it’s just the two of us. So I’ll save all the mushy, smushy stuff for him later. When I’ve got my riding crop and tassels to wear to give him my gift. OH DARN IT!! I spilled the beans! If he reads this at work, he won’t be surprised tonight. Shucks. <giggle>

So I got him what he wants. Okay, sort of. You know how I have a thing for Mr. Daniel Craig. Well, he kinda has a thing for Ms. Kate Beckinsale. Only he’s a little more discreet than I am.Β  So I’m giving him a whole blog page today with Kate Beckinsale photos! yay!! Isn’t she somethin’? Now, don’t get me wrong, you know what team I play for, but this girl could have tea and biscuits and make crumbs in my bed, er our bed, er, wait…. that’s just weird. Okay…..

For you my sweet husband- some eye candy. Happy Birthday.

You are my reason to live each and every day!

Balloon gram for a McSweetie, is there a McSweetie in the building?

She plays the villain in the new Total Recall. She really handles that well.

Dayyum!! I can’t decide which is prettier.

Does she have to be THAT beautiful?

Oh wait one more-

Hey this isn’t Kate!
Oh yeah, baby- you’re all mine- smooches!

Blue Steel- it doesn’t get any cooler than this. I know he’s my soul mate when I say ‘Blue Steel’ when we get our picture taken, and we both bust out the Zoolander.

Now before you go all bent out of shape of this wife posting pics of another woman for her man’s birthday. Just know that I am THAT secure in his love for me, and I know what a giggle he’ll get out of this. I love making him laugh. Or the smile he gives me when I think he wants to roll his eyes, but he’s too busy laughing.

Birthday Namaste.

9 thoughts on “Reasons to Live Friday #8- Happy Birthday Mr. Frugalista…

  1. Happy Birthday to your McSweetie!!! (Is he named after a new dessert at McDonald’s? Sorry, but just couldn’t resist, and please feel free to hate me. lol)

    Hey, I think that giving him a whole blog page today with Kate Beckinsale photos is a great B-day gift, and I know that I’d be very happy if it was my B-day, and my wife gave me a whole blog page of Penelope Cruz photos, Halle Berry photos, Salma Hayek photos, and Scarlett Johansson photos, cause I’m just greedy like that. Or maybe she could just give me a birthday card, and write me a reminder that google images exists… (Scarlett isn’t that great, but blondes are always way underrepresented in these things, so I figured that I’d just throw Ms Johansson in there as my token blonde. Oh, wait a minute… you’re a blo… yeah, like I said before, please feel free to hate me.)

    But now that Blonde who isn’t Kate is pretty hot. Who is she? And why are you okay with her hanging all over your husband like that? Huh? Oh, wait a minute… Never mind! Lol πŸ˜€

  2. You know I already love you, but you have one lucky man right there!!! Happy birthday weekend to Mr. Frugie πŸ™‚ Thanks for linkin up my friend, your support means the world!!

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