Archive | July 29, 2012

Big ol’ blogging week

What a week! Here’s the week in review for anyone who might have missed it.

You readers were gracious to tell me I’m not fat, I’m nice in an argument and I have a funny daughter.

Here’s the scoop:

I made sure to stay polite and respectful in an argument on my Facebook page-

Controversey Alert- I pissed someone off  (sorry for ending my sentence with a preposition)

I fired off with my own bikini spread to show that not everyone needs to be a perfect size 0 to look good. We need to own it inside.

Am I Fat?

And I HORRIFIED my daughter with a sex talk that went beyond the birds and the bees!

Yep, parents have sex. Ew, gross!

Feel free to read, reread, and share. Thanks so much!