Big ol’ blogging week

What a week! Here’s the week in review for anyone who might have missed it.

You readers were gracious to tell me I’m not fat, I’m nice in an argument and I have a funny daughter.

Here’s the scoop:

I made sure to stay polite and respectful in an argument on my Facebook page-

Controversey Alert- I pissed someone off  (sorry for ending my sentence with a preposition)

I fired off with my own bikini spread to show that not everyone needs to be a perfect size 0 to look good. We need to own it inside.

Am I Fat?

And I HORRIFIED my daughter with a sex talk that went beyond the birds and the bees!

Yep, parents have sex. Ew, gross!

Feel free to read, reread, and share. Thanks so much!

One thought on “Big ol’ blogging week

  1. I think that you had a very good blogging week.

    Just want to let other WP readers and bloggers know, that I read all three of these posts, and they are very good – so do yourself a favor, and read them too.

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