Archive | August 7, 2012

More Aloha.

By the time I post this it will be the day before my 40th birthday. I’m kinda excited. Kinda feeling a little like, WTF. Like, where in theee hell did 40 years go? BUT, I also feel pretty darn special. I have the sweetest husband, the awesomest kids, and when I’m not sunburned and cosmetic-less, I feel a little bit of a bad ass. I’ve got decent skin, shiny hair, and skinny ankles. Hey, just looking at the glass half full people.

Being on vacation is awesome. But weird. I feel so out of touch with my routine, my internets friends, real friends, my furry friends, home…I’m a homebody. I love travel, but I love home too. Also, traveling with kids is only sort of a vacation. It’s mostly a trip. Although, of all our ‘trips’ as a family, this one is the best. Kids are pretty* self sufficient (*let me qualify that later), we are relaxed and not rushing to sight-see anything like in DC two years ago, or kill ourselves in lines at Disneyland like 5 years ago. So this trip IS fabulous. But let me gripe for just a bit-

Owen is just as much of a slob here as he is at home. Wet towels are on the floor, not hung up. Wet swimsuits are left in the bathroom, goggles, sunglasses, hairbrushes… you name it, are put in some random spot where they can never find it when it’s time to go out the door.

I sit down on a pool chair and SOMEONE is bound to ask for something to drink. Or I’m rereading the same page of my book for like the eleventh time because I keep getting, “mom- watch this cannonball”, “mom- watch my handstand under water”, “mom- tell us who is the fastest to swim to the other side”, “mom- see who can stay under water longest”…..

OKAY, I GET IT!! Great. Eventually I just started making shit up and pretending to look, but my sun glasses were hiding my eyes.

The beach has been phenomenal. I can’t get enough. Okay, that is a lie. I’m aloe-d up right now sitting in an air-conditioned condo because I have a sunburned ass and back. And I did everything. the. right. way. Dammit! I wore SPF 50, I reapplied, I took shade. And I STILL got burned. Snorkeling was the culprit. My back and ass exposed in the salt water for an hour is just going to create a UVB playground.

Question- you’re a family sitting along the beach. With everyone else sitting along the beach. The shore is close but not too close. When all of a sudden a wave comes up and starts to wash out to sea someone’s towel and flip flops of the neighboring family who isn’t by their stuff, because they are all snorkeling. Do you

a) dive in to the water and grab the stuff as fast as you can

b) sit on your own beach towel and look on thinking, ‘not my shit, who cares.’

Apparently, the folks near our stuff were of choice B. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just pick up someone’s towel and flip flops and bring them to dry ground. Luckily, Emma was coming back from snorkeling and sees her flip flop floating! James and her quickly grabbed the towels and my hat and saved them. What sucks was we had wet, sandy towels to dry off with. Or not dry off, since your choice is only a wet and sandy towel. Do you know how heavy and gross wet, sandy towels are? Ew.

Whatever the tourists lack in spirit here, the locals make up for. People are friendly, laid-back (to a fault sometimes!) and I love the island spirit.

Hawaii has been conserving well before conservation was cool. Some stores don’t provide shopping bags, there’s wind power everywhere, they love their land, they love their oceans. They support local produce and farms. I love that.

I’m amazed by the flowers. I stop and smell or pick plumeria every chance I get.

I want a plumeria lei and crown made for me every day. I would wear it in Seattle winters and feel tropical.

This is our last day in the condo before we go to the resort. I’m excited about the resort- water slides, pools, water falls, swim-up bar. But also, I’m scared. It’s hella expensive. I think when we check in they are going to have us register our first born, take one of our kidneys and make us pledge all our future earnings to paying our bill. Or something like that. We are also doing a luau. I am so freakin’ excited about the hula dancers.

Don’t be surprised if you hear someone got up on stage and started hula-ing with the best of them.