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Do I have what it takes to be Blogger Idol 2012?

Say yes. Please!! And vote for me. Or tell them to pick me. Either way.

Apparently, Bloggers are the new rockstars. Could someone please tell my kids this?? Thanks.

Here is why I am entering Blogger Idol 2012, and what I wrote on my application:

Ahem, <clears voice> is this on <taps microphone>

I want to win Blogger Idol 2012 because of the drama queen in me, and because it scares the shit out of me.  I don’t think of myself as a writer. I first think of myself as an actress, an entertainer. But gosh darn, I started blogging and things just came out in words. Silly, hair-brained ideas. Self-deprecation at its best.  People started reading. People said they liked it. I’ve exercised in leg-warmers for gosh sakes in a video blog!

So even though my Sophomore English teacher told me, “Rebecca, your writing sucks”, gee, thanks, Mr. Merrier, maybe I didn’t WANT to write about Julius Ceasar, huh?

Now I write about what I want to. What I know. And when a reader says they ‘hear’ me, they hear my ‘voice’ from the words, that they relate or feel inspired, I get goose bumps. I think, ‘okay, I’ll keep writing’. Even if one person reads it, I’ll keep writing. Even if one person says, thanks for making me laugh today, I’ll keep writing.

I’ve written about depression, weight –gain, mothering, PMS, sex. Say WHAT? Yes, sex. I gripe about my kids, I get pissed at politicians, stupid people, the media. I like griping. But I also like praising. I have learned from other great bloggers, to love myself. To see myself in new eyes.  Softer, more forgiving eyes. Eyes that say, “I’m mom enough.” “I’m wife enough.” “I’m woman enough.” So I want to spread this feeling to other readers. I want more people to know that they are enough too.

There are so many blogs out there. Millions. And probably at least 100 I read. Saying I want to win Blogger Idol 2012 makes me feel like I am saying I’m better than they are. Well, gosh darn, no I’m not. I’m still in awe when bloggers I admire comment on my blog and refer to me or even share me.  Like I said, I’m the queen of self-deprecation. I can laugh at myself and with you, laughing at me! But entering a blog contest will challenge me. It will keep that little fire in me that says, ‘keep writing’.

It will also prove to my children that I’m a little bit cool. Just a little bit.

So there it is. Award winning? Yes?

Not only will there be bragging rights for the winner, but a boat load of cool prizes for the winner and runners up are given.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Chocolate goody basket


Snack Taxi

I was hoping a tummy tuck was in the prize package, but no luck this time.

Okay, just go on over and stalk them and tell them to pick me. That is all.

3 out of 4 people prefer my pizza.

The 1 that doesn’t is a little shit. Stay tuned.

This was almost a Pinterest board. I swear.

I decided to make pizza for the family. Dough and all. I’ve been making pizza for years. It’s a very economical dinner to make yourself. You can have packets of yeast on hand, and if you keep flour and salt stocked in your pantry, then you’re set. My mom made pizza for the family every Saturday for years and years. I have fond childhood memories of my mom’s pizza and watching the Muppet Show!

I don’t make pizza often, but when I do, they usually like it.

I made a starter with luke warm water, yeast, and a pinch of sugar, just like my mama taught me. I let that sit for a minute and get all bubbly and let the yeast do it’s thang. Here’s the how- to in picture form-

So like I said, the one who didn’t eat a bite of it, made himself a peanut butter sandwich. A mother fucking peanut butter sandwich. Never mind the hours involved making dough and all the flour under my fingernails. I’m not naming names but he’s blond, cute and his name starts with ‘O’. Little shit. He says he was, ‘too nervous about school to eat’. Whatever.

The rest of the family, including myself, ate the whole thing. So there!’