If we were nudists that would solve my laundry problem.

Of course that would require us to get more slip covers for the couches. Ew!! Yeah, gross.

Oh my gosh, can you just imagine Owen nude all the time? He would be so up in his butt and playing with this nuts like they were stress balls. Which they are. I mean, he’s fiddling with them, they’re balls… you get the idea.

Before I started blogging, I would complain on my Facebook page about the laundry. I don’t read single people complaining about their laundry. Married folks without kids might gripe a little. Wives complaining about folding socks and undershirts. Maybe a husband wondering what in THE hell is with the once a month underwear from the misses that looks like a crime scene. But it’s not until you have children that you feel the pain of laundry. The burden that comes with the constant loads of clothes, towels, sheets, stinky socks, underpants. My favorite is the hunt. When I go to Emma’s room and her hamper is empty, but the clothes are strewn about the floor and she complains she has nothing to wear that just fries my craw. So goes with McSweetie. He has an entire pile of dirties, but the hamper is empty.

Now I know I don’t have to take them to the river or anything and beat them on wash boards. The clothes. Not the family members. Although maybe that would make them better at helping me! It’s the same as dishes. There will always be dirty ones. There’s always laundry. Always. Until we start going naked, there will always be clothes to clean. If we stop eating, we can stop loading the dishwasher. I prefer eating. I also prefer garments that cover my privates. So I suppose I will continue to do laundry.

We haven’t planned on moving to any remote island or getting shipwrecked a la Blue Lagoon style. So laundry it is.

And like most normal people who stare at a laundry basket piled high with clean things, I get out my video camera and decide how to vlog about it. I mean, right? You do that too don’t you?

So here’s my ballad to the laundry. I look really sad. I think I’m just overwhelmed.

What an asshole. Look at him just sitting on those clean towels like that. Little turd.

25 thoughts on “If we were nudists that would solve my laundry problem.

  1. I so love you right now. This cracked me up. Fear not, you are not alone. I currently have a laundry basket full of clothes sitting on my bedroom floor. It’s been there for more than 2 weeks. As we do more laundry I bring up my clean stuff and pile it on that already overflowing basket, saying I’ll get to it. Eventually.


    ps…..when do you think ‘Eventually’ will actually get here??

  2. Since when do you fold laundry in your front room?! Lol…I hear you though…I let two days go by and suddenly there’s 6 loads to do! But it’s not so much the washing as it is the folding and putting away. Kevin will get a wild hair up his butt and run all 6 loads and be so proud that he “got it done”, but he doesn’t fold! He just squashes the dried loads down in the baskets where they sit getting crumpled until I can find the time to fold- so irritating! I’ve started making the children help- their clothes, they fold! It helps πŸ˜‰

  3. this is so literally me. So sorry you are sad but I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one who sucks at laundry….the piles, the laundry baskets… the cat hair. Thank you for sharing your lovely ballad

  4. I hate doing laundry. I am always doing laundry. Between the five kids and their sports my washer and dryer never stop running (literally). Love the post. How awesome would living Blue Lagoon style be…for like a week. I know after that I would start to bitch about the sand. And bugs lol…

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