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Quick, just a few more days until the Apocalypse.

Or The Dog Days are Over… if you didn’t like 2011. Cue Florence  + The Machine. (Emma has given me permission to record and post her Florence  impersonation. It’s freakin’ awesome. But not yet, I haven’t had the chance to do all the techy stuff. But it will be good. I promise.)

It’s after Christmas and before New Year’s. That means, it’s time for a year in review. It’s already 2011. Gone. Unfreakinbelievable. Where has the time gone. Wasn’t it just 1999? Remember Y2K? Yeah. Ha, ha. That was a joke the size of Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Hardy har har.

You get enough countdowns, and Best Of lists in the media. This will be MY list. Because, it’s all about me really.

1. I started blogging. Yeah. It’s life changing. Not in a win the lottery type of way. In the oh-you-have-a-house-guest-that-sits-around-your-house-all-day-and-does-nothing-and-oh-wait-it’s-just-mom. Yeah. Like that. It’s like writing that Christmas newsletter about yourself and your family every day for people to read. Some hate it. Some hate it less. I save a lot on paper now.

2. I fell in love with giant metal chickens and and a blogger named The Bloggess. Not as in fall in love Daniel Craig style. Fall in love with a cool girl at school kind.

3. I started using the ‘F’ word more often. My children are horrified. I blame The Bloggess.

4. Emma started middle school and we survived. I will update this when she turns 16 and starts driving. Hopefully, with the same results.

5. I ran my 3rd 5k with Race for the Cure. No joke.

6. Emma and I climbed all 69 flights of  the Columbia Tower to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Again, no joke.

7. I met Pitbull and he kissed me on the cheek. Okay, he kisses EVERYONE on the cheek.

8. My husband finally cleaned the garage. (This should be #1)

9. I got up early to watch the Royal Wedding.

10. Two of my friends conquered cancer. Oh wait. THIS should be #1. Best for last.

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Year!