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Reasons to Live Friday #9

Oh boy!! Guess what?? The kids are going away for the weekend to grandma’s!! YAY! I know what you’re thinking. There may or may not  be some whoopie making between McSweetie and I.

(If we didn’t, there’d be something wrong with us!)

HOWEVER, more importantly, I will have two nights and two mornings of peace and quiet with just the hubby. We might even cuddle! We NEVER cuddle. Well, it’s kind of hot because it’s summer, or the dog is in the way, or Owen crawls in our bed at 5 am. So cuddling might be in order.

I’m grateful for GRANDPARENTS-

Both sets of our parents live within an hour away. So McSweetie’s parents love having the kids. (My parents love having the kids too, it’s just my in-laws turn this time.) They love to spoil them and take them places to do all kinds of fun stuff.

So to be able to have a weekend of just us two, I am so grateful for! We are going to go out to eat, watch the Olympics, watch movies that have Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Craig, go to the spa! It’s like birthday weekend #2 for my guy!

I’m grateful for FAMILY-

My nephew is coming in to town from Chicago. He’s 16 now. We used to call him Spud and I remember when he was about 16 months old at our wedding. He was the cutest baby! Of course, he was the first grand kid, and I didn’t have kids yet, so I was over the moon as an Auntie.

He’s all mature now and has his driver’s license and a girlfriend. How on earth did this happen??? It will be so good to see him, he loves his Oma (my mom) and Emma and Owen will love seeing him.

I’m taking him to tour the University of Washington campus while he’s here. If he attended, that would be most fabulous!

I’m grateful for the Olympics!

My anglophile loyalties are coming out strong. I have a fondness for England since it is where my dad is from and I have family there. I am a sucker for Will and Kate and David Beckham, and let’s not forget Daniel. But ASIDE from all that, the Olympics are the perfect amount of inspiration, thrill and sentiment. How I love the video montage, the sportsmanship, the biographies of athletes overcoming adversity. I will cry. The networks and marketers know exactly how to reel me in with their clever montages and music.

I’ll be rooting especially for our women’s soccer. I know they want that gold medal ever so much after last year’s Word Cup 2nd place.

But it’s about the journey. Seeing these athletes work so hard to get there. As a kid I thought going to the Olympics would be the best thing ever. I never did become the equestrian rider or synchronized swimmer, or gymnast that I dreamed of. I am not, was not, an athlete. If there was a sport in bargain shopping, theater or lip synching, that would be my gold medal right there.

So I bid you a fond weekend. I hope you enjoy the Olympics no matter what country you are in. It’s like the world is coming together. I hope for peace to prevail, happy kids at Grandma’s and a giant croissant for me on Sunday morning.