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I Found the Funny

You know how good it feels when someone says, “You’re funny” and they mean it in a ‘ha ha’ way and not a ‘weird’ way?

Well, Anna from¬†My Life and Kids blog and Kelley over at Kelley’s Breakroom, asked li’l ol’ me to read through last Wednesday’s

Finding the Funny and pick my faves!

And I’m all like, ‘holla you bet I can do that!’. Then I’m like, ‘whoa, that’s like, 80 blogs to read.‘¬† But hey, no biggy, cuz I’m good at Finding the Funny. And it’s a little like when a friend asks you to go shopping with them because they think you have good taste, or maybe they just hope you buy them coffee. Either way, it’s a win-win, I say.

So- here’s my list- like Oprah’s favorite things, it’s a good one. I’m sorry, this list doesn’t come with any free iPads or Ralph Lauren sweaters or Ugg boots. You’ll just have to read them, and if you think you’ve got some funny to find, or want someone to find YOUR funny, then go link up today!

The Chubby Chatterbox’s post called Tight Asses– Oh heavens, the things girls do to look ‘good’.

Wrinkled Mommy’s post called An Obvious Explanation– I’m a sucker for anything with visual aides.

Experienced Bad Mom and her post on lunches- Not My Kids’ Lunch For A Month– I’m feeling the kinship here over some Lunchables

Actual Times May Vary and their post- Brown Bagging it with Breakfast Club (as in the movie)– I sense a trend here.

Lady GooGooGaGa’s Be Careful What You Wish For– She’s got a point.

It was really hard to just pick a few. There were so many good ones. But alas, I decided to go with some folks that I hadn’t been familiar with in the past, and I hope you will get to know them too.

Thanks Anna and Kelley for having me!! I promise to send that case of wine to the address you gave me. (wink, wink)