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Do toy execs think parents are idiots?

Have any of you seen the commercial for Squishy Baff? Yes, Baff. Not bath. No, that would be too grammatically correct.  I guess poor grammar sells things straight to our kiddos little hearts. It sounds cute that way, you know, more fun. Serious doesn’t sell. Obviously. Things need to be spelled like Play doh, Li’l instead of ‘little’, and ‘N instead of ‘and’.

I may be way out of line here. But isn’t that what people say that can’t or don’t say they’re ‘th’s. Like when you’re 3 and you say  ‘free’ when asked how old you are. Or you speak in Ebonics. Bill Cosby would not approve.

So this product is a powder that you put in your kids’ bath water for it to turn to a slushy. 7-11 style. It’s gross. I don’t want to bathe in squishy, slushy stuff, that comes in colors. The trick is that it turns back into water for you to rinse it down your drain.

I however am not brave enough (or stupid) to try it out and see if it really does in fact, NOT harm plumbing.

Here’s the commercial on their website:

Squishy Baff

Two aspects of this website crack me up:

1) It’s ONLY thirty bucks to make a hell of a mess up to 4 times for your kids.

2) If you wanted it guaranteed for Christmas delivery, you had to order by Dec. 11. If you want ‘likely’ Christmas delivery, the 15th is the best you can do. What does this company use, Pony Express?

I guess this product has been around for a few years. I saw the commercial last week on Nickelodeon.

I think this rates right up there with Moon Sand and a drum set in terms of nightmare toys for kids.

What’s next Puberty Barbie?