Don’t steal shit.

I have no idea if any thing on my site is worth stealing, but I’m just going to say in this case, imitation is not flattery, it’s lazy.

All posts on Frugalistablog are copyrighted to Frugalistablog 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication in any medium without written persmission from the author is prohibitied. All rights reserved.

I will do the same for you.


2 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. First, off I just wanted to say that my wife and I really enjoy your blog and it puts quite the smile on our faces. The reason I’m writing is that I’m the writer/director of the upcoming indie film SEX AFTER KIDS, and we’re right smack dab in the middle of a crowd funding campaign that’s going pretty darn well, but we’re still a ways off from our goal and hoping to better target our audience – parents with a sense of humour. Please check out the link for, if nothing else, our campaign videos which I think will give you a laugh and a good idea what our film is about.  If you get a chuckle from them and think they’re worth passing on it would mean a lot to us if you would be able to maybe make mention of the project through your blog and/or twitter feed.

    I’m sure that you probably get solicited for stuff like this daily and so I understand if you’ve got a policy against sharing such things, but in the chance that it interests you I thought I’d reach out to you. More than happy to provide any other information you might want.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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