Who I am

Mom of two, wife of one and I drive a minivan. I believe parenting is about being there for your kids. Then blogging about them when they walk away.

I’m like the Tina Fey and Laura Ingalls of the PTA. I’m a goody-two shoes wrapped in a gooey layer of sarcasm, inappropriateness, and goofball.

I’m  40. My kids are my life. Emma (11) and Owen (8). My husband James (42) is a VP of a start-up software company. I don’t work out of the home but I used to work in retail, cosmetics to be exact, and I was an executive assistant for a start-up company many moons ago.

I volunteer with the PTA in my children’s schools and I’m a member of Miracle House Guild with Seattle Children’s Hospital. I participate in many charity races and fundraisers for breast cancer, leukemia and pediatric brain cancer.

I’m a make up junkie, movie-buff and foodie. I also kind of enjoy shoes, handbags and fashion bargains. Vintage makes me a little giddy.

I really have no idea what I’m doing. Just putting my words together to make conversation, entertain and enlighten a little if I’m lucky!

Life is a banquet, and more people need to LIVE, LIVE, LIVE! That’s what Auntie Mame would say.

I pretty much like to think I’m starring in my own movie. It’s a movie in my head but I have a soundtrack and everything.  I would also like to be in a music video, but I think my children would die of humiliation.

I’m just an all around perfectly balanced woman who really has a grasp on life, happiness and the universe. (This is where you learn my sarcasm.) I am the complete opposite of this. I’m happy most of the time (with medication), I never have enough time for all the lounging I want to do and I haven’t lost my baby weight yet. Yes, my son is 8. Whatever.

I am not writing a book. I have never been published in anything. People ask me if I’m paid to blog. To my husbands dismay, I am not. I am willing though to take any contributions by way of makeup, skin care, or house cleaning. I’m not sure if that’s legal, but no one needs to know.


18 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Oh crap- that involves me to do something doesn’t it? Can’t I just sit and look pretty while people sing and dance and tell me how great I am?
    No really, thank you very much. I will try to bestow the same goodness onto the next person, and hopefully do all the linky, techy things properly.

  2. Just dropped in on your blog. Very funny! Here’s what happens next:
    1) I will follow/stalk your blog.
    2) You will follow my blog, of course love everything you read there. 🙂
    3) You will add me to your blogroll – usually I’m put in the top spot, even when people alphabetize. Just sayin’ – because it’s cliche.

  3. Pretty much the most AWESOME EVER! The spanks video… O!M!G! I peed a little…..i think. Thank you for making my word day a little more bearable!

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