Ladies- love yourselves!

I am doing this for my benefit.

I am constantly beating myself up for not being ‘perfect’.

The fact that I didn’t work out that day, what I weighed at the dr.’s office, how I forgot to give the kids their vitamins before they went to school. How the kale I had good intentions for but got all slimy forgotten in the back of the veggie drawer in the fridge. How I’ve spent James’ mid life crisis sports car money on eye cream and ‘youth’ serums.

So here’s a picture I will make full size for my bathroom. Except looking at it makes me think that this girl has some serious muscle tone I am lacking. But still- it’s a good message.

No stick skinny folks here. No offense to anyone stick skinny. Just trying to make myself feel better.

And when you’ve got five minutes- watch this video. For the sake of yourself, your daughter’s and granddaughter’s- we need to remember there’s so much out there than what’s in a magazine.

Kate Winslet- “I don’t look like that video.”

Feel free to share, copy, put on a t-shirt; whatever. I know I will.

15 thoughts on “Ladies- love yourselves!

  1. I am always blown away by your posts about how much pressure you are under to be perfect. Because, and forgive me for not being as eloquent a writer as you, but you are as close to perfect as I wish I was. You have just the right amount of imperfection to make you real and approachable, and yet you are flawless in that there is not one thing a person can point to and say “At least I’m not _______ like her.”

    And by the way, the woman in the above picture is just about the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life! Way sexier than those skeletons that they use in most magazine ads.

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  3. I have nothing snarky at all to say (yes, it is cold in here because hell did just freeze over) – this post is just that sweet and awesome! I just decided today to take a break from trying to be perfect because – quite frankly – years of trying and failing has been quite exhausting.

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